whole30: how this fitbooker lost (more) weight + gained food freedom


fab fitbooker megan is at it again. in fact, it seems she's never stopped making some serious progress.  when we first met this former college athlete, she was fresh off a fitbook-induced 60-pound weight-loss.  60lbs turned to 70...then 80...and counting. now, in just a couple short years, not only has this heart-disease survivor become one of our all-star fab fitbookers, but her incredible transformation of journaling her way to a (then) 70lb weight loss was featured in the NY Post and Women’s Health, further upping her status as a role model for countless people - including us. and her story continues, most recently including a very successful round of chief-fitlosopher-inspired whole30 that brings her total weight loss to 88lbs, but more importantly resulted in food freedom.

we caught up with megan to get the scoop on her whole30 success and find out what’s next:  

first of all, we haven't officially spoken since your features in the NY Post and Women's Health. congrats!! how did it feel to be recognized in such huge publications for all your hard work?
honestly, right after the features came out, it was weird. i had people that i didn’t know coming up to me telling me congrats and that they read my article. so many people shared it; it was so surreal. the coolest thing that came from it was the amount of people who said that they had printed it and hung it in their house for motivation. that is amazing to me! but, at the same time, i was a little embarrassed. that is the first time that i had actually revealed my highest weight to anyone, and to have it circulating at such a grand scale, that was scary. i was terrified that there would be backlash or shaming, but thankfully, there wasn’t.

so what have you been up to since then? we see you did your own whole30! what inspired you to take that on?
i have continued to use fitbook and am completely obsessed with the fitspiration journal. i had seen whole30 circulate on multiple social networks and always wondered about it. then when i saw that angela was doing it, i was sold. i guess i just needed someone i knew to be doing it and loving it.  also, after doing my research, i saw that whole30 would help with digestive issues and with cravings - two things that i very much struggle with, so I thought, why not?

what were your whole30 results?
in 30 days, i lost 6.8lbs and 9 inches! three of those inches were in my waist alone. i went down a dress size, in some cases two! since i started this weight loss journey, in total i've lost 88lbs. [editors note: slow. clap.]

what were your biggest non-scale victories from doing whole30?
SO MANY THINGS! my skin was is so much brighter and clearer, my nails grew much faster, and I just felt amazing. BUT, my two favorite NSVs were the benefit to my digestive system and the cravings. this may be TMI, but before whole30, i was lucky to go to the bathroom (you know which one i'm talking about) once or twice a week, and it was ALWAYS unpleasant. after the first week on the 30, i became exceedingly regular! i no longer felt bloated or crappy, pun intended. i also stopped wasting tons of money on laxative teas. the cravings were definitely hard the first week - i wanted to eat everything, things I never even really liked! but, after pushing through those, i didn't crave anything. i experienced real hunger, not the "i really want some cheese” hunger. everything tasted different and better, i didn't know that i could love spaghetti squash as much as i do! an apple even tasted like apple pie.

this is cliché, as the book quotes it many times, but my relationship with food really did change. i no longer reached for food when i was sad or "during that time of the month". speaking of that time of the month, after whole30, it was a walk in the park. no cramps, no headaches, and no bloating. WHAT?! HALLELUJAH!  

do you feel like fitbook was helpful during your whole30 experience?
YES YES YES. fitbook helped me plan my meals, log them, and feel proud of them.

so what's up next? what's your next big goal?
up next...in the not-too-distant future, i would like to do competition prep. i am thinking 2017 will be my year, which means, i will need the fitbook PREP!

congratulations on all of your continued success, megan! we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of your transformation, and we can’t wait to root you on in all you do. you've taught us that success is far beyond the scale. on behalf of fitlosophy (and especially our chief fitlosopher who absolutely hearts you), thank you for continuing to share your story with us. you got this, girl. #fistbump

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