what's in your gym bag? peek inside the bags of 3 fitlosophy ladies.


forrest gump’s mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. and while that may be true, we’re of the opinion that nothing - absolutely nothing - will give you a more telling glimpse into someone’s life than a peek through the bag they carry along with them each + every day. we checked in with a few of our fitlosophy females to get a glimpse at what they’re packin’ in their gym bags.

[laura: marketing + community coordinator]
the new mama
with an infant + a full-time job, i am at a point in life where i’m just trying to adjust to new motherhood and learning how to work everything else around that. and my gym bag reflects that.

pacifier: i always have an extra pacifier stashed away in my little keychain zip pouch to keep the gym-bag germs off of it. i literally have pacifiers hidden everywhere - you never know when you’ll have a pacifier emergency!

snackstak + bottle: i use the snackstak to store formula + little snacks for the baby (and me!). there’s no spillage + it’s super easy to just unscrew that one little container + dump the formula in his bottle.

diapers: i have learned the hard way to never, ever, ever be caught without an adequate supply of diapers. you can never have too many. i have diapers everywhere - the nursery, the car, my desk, and of course, my gym bag.

fitbook lite: i’m working at fitting in consistent workouts between work + baby, so fitbook lite is a perfect, manageable format. i love just being able to focus on checking off my four things each day.

6-week COMEBACK: i’m on round 2 + i love it because it makes it so easy to fit in workouts on days i don’t have classes or days i’m super busy.

[katy: content creator, seasoned mom of three]
the seasoned mom of 3
as a mama of 10 years, my gym bag is still kid-friendly, but equipped to meet my needs as a working mother who’s still adapting to soccer-mom-status while trying to retain my sanity. everything is super functional for maximum multi-tasking, which is crucial at this stage in the parenting/working-girl game.

baby wipes: i don’t think i’ve been without baby wipes since i became a mom - even after i stopped changing diapers. they’re useful for pretty much everything. i use them to wipe my kids’ mouths, to clean up messes in the car, even as underarm wipes. they’re so much more affordable + work just as well!

daily flex planner: i’m somewhat technology-averse, so if i don’t have my daily flex planner with me at all times, i’m a mess. between all the kids’ activities + appointments + my own commitments, if it doesn’t go in the planner, a lot of the time, it won’t happen, so i’m religious about it. if i go to the gym + sign up for another class before i leave, it’s going directly into the planner before i exit the building.

snacks: i always have snacks. with three little boys, it’s a guarantee that at least one of them will whine that they’re hungry throughout the day, or i might need a little pre- or post-workout pick-me-up, so i’m never without a loaded snackstak or a bar of some sort - usually an epic bar.

perfume roller: i am a big sweater, so i like to carry a little thing of perfume with me to put on post-workout so i’m at least not a stinky, sweaty beast.

chapstick: non-negotiable. a tube goes with me everywhere. it’s also really good for keeping me energized too, because the mint essence perks me right up!

stickers  + pens: kids get bored, so i learned a long time ago to always carry entertainment along with me. my boys love playing with these stickers or drawing.

pocket journal: i always carry a little pocket journal around with me for when i have an idea i don’t want to forget. they double as little doodle books for my kids too.

earbuds: i refuse to work out without music blaring in my ears.

dry shampoo: if i have a headful of sweaty-mess hair, i’ll spritz a little dry shampoo on, tousle + call it a day. good as new!

downy wrinkle releaser spray: always useful to have for last-minute wrinkles if i need to put nicer clothes on post-workout.

[angela: chief fitlosopher]
all-around busy lil' boss lady

i’m constantly going going going, so my gym bag is basically all my essentials + fit faves in one portable place. i also travel a ton for work so a lot of times this doubles as a quick carry-on so i can just grab it + go!

keychain zip pouch: i use this little pouch as a safe spot to stash my jewelry + watch while working out. it’s the perfect size so my earrings don’t get lost in my big, red gym bag.

water bottle with hair-ties: I HATE NOT HAVING HAIR TIES AT THE GYM! plus, i admit, i do think this is my most brilliant invention ever. tip: use the hair-ties to tally your bottles of water as you drink them. (i wanted 8 hair ties for this very reason, but it was too many, ha!)

fitfuser protein shaker  + bulletproof brain octane mct oil: i always carry these with me for my post-workout bulletproof coffee.

fitbook black: of course i always have a fitbook with me to keep track of everything from my water intake to my workout reps. i often alternate between the 12-week fitbook + 6-week fitbook lite depending on my goals. i can't choose a fave - they're my babies!

weekly fitspiration planner: because i got lots to do + i like a week-at-a-glance format so i have my planner on me AT ALL TIMES. 

fitmat: this is my absolute favorite fitness mat, so i always have it with me to use with the 6-week COMEBACK program wherever i am.

earbuds: always gotta have my earbuds to listen to my podcasts or playlists while i work out. p.s. here are my top 10 fave podcasts, btw.

spare pair of socks: i'm always forgetting them for spin class. i love balega, but they're expensive, so i also found these on amazon and i'm obsessed.

beauty stuff: mini travel-size deodorant (no it's not the all-natural blah blah blah, it's the 99 cent kind from target, ha!), cetaphil cleansing cloths, MAC lipglass in 'oh baby' (my go-to).

what are your go-to gym-bag goods? share in the comments below!

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