want more HAPPY? do this for 21 days.


is it just me, or does this time of year bring out all sorts of emotions? excitement, joy + gratitude are often mixed with stress + yes, sometimes sadness. running to + from amidst the holiday hooplah can be overwhelming - and then add to that trying to stay on top of your goals! (cue eyeroll) "goals...what goals?" you might say.
what if I told you that achieving your goals is directly correlated to one thing: your happiness.

the science of happiness is fascinating because literally almost everything in our lives is tied to the level of joy you experience: health, relationships, finances, career, generosity, lifespan...pretty much everything. and what if i told you that only 10% of your happiness is determined by circumstance, but a whoppin' 40% is based on your thoughts, actions, behaviors + habits?? (the other 50% is genetically determined so you can totally blame your parents for that part.)

so we're gonna do what goal getters do best: take action.

join me for the next 21 days as we literally get more HAPPY. each day for 21 days i promise to inspire you + give you ONE (just 1) thing to think about, post + ponder your way to more joy in your life. who's ready for the #21days2change happiness challenge?

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who’s ready to think HAPPY thoughts? it’s simple.

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then check back daily for your next challenge – and to see if you won any giveaways! and not only did i create this challenge FOR you…but i'm going to be doing it right along WITH you. morning posts to inspire you – and afternoon posts from yours truly!

from my HAPPY heart to yours,

p.s. read each day below to get started + at the very end is a list of happy resources for your perusing pleasure! you're welcome. 

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DAY 1 [11/02]: people (not things) bring joy. research shows people with friends are happier – the more the merrier. post a pic of you with your best buds that makes you smile + tag ‘em to let ‘em know!  tag @fitbook + #21days2change

DAY 2 [11/03]: remember when? recalling happy memories boosts your mood like instantly. post a pic of one of the happiest moments of your entire life + tell us why!

DAY 3 [11/04]: life's tough...and things don't always go as planned. but if you look hard enough, you'll realize that we're given people to get us through the ups + downs. send an ecard to someone for no reason at all - right now! screenshot/post + tell us who/why they mean so much to you.

DAY 4 [11/05]: love others – including yourself. how often do we let someone's opinion affect our self worth? stop! remember: you don't need approval to be wonderful. or worthy of love. go buy yourself a bouquet of flowers + post a pic… because you don't need to wait for someone else to spoil you!

DAY 5 [11/06]: pray. meditate. whatever you wanna call it, but spend time connecting with the Creator. spirituality is linked to higher levels of happiness. post a pic of your fave book, devotional, or well-loved bible!

DAY 6 [11/07]: good morning, sunshine! just 20 minutes in the sunshine gives you your daily dose of vitamin D, which is linked to higher levels of happiness. today's challenge: take a walk in the sunshine, snap a pic + post to share your bright sunshiny day!

DAY 7 [11/08]: can coffee make you happy? yes, actually. (duh) studies find that your morning cuppa joe is an insta-mood booster. what do you do to start each day off on a happy note? post a pic of your morning ritual! whether it's journaling with your java or breakfast in bed, we wanna see!

DAY 8 [11/09]: grateful people are happy people. studies show that those who reflect on gratitude daily are literally happier + healthier! take a moment today to write a thank you note to someone/anyone + mail it. snap a pic of your handwritten note (um hide addresses when posting, people!) + when you post, challenge your friends to write one too!

DAY 9 [11/10]: exercise creates feel-good endorphins that make you happy! snap a pic of your sweat sesh today + share what workout you love most. 

DAY 10 [11/11]: what do you love about your work? no, not all jobs are easy - but find one thing that you know you do well. people who find joy in their work report higher levels of happiness. post a pic of what you do that you LOVE about your work!

DAY 11 [11/12]: journaling gratitude boosts happiness. research shows doing this daily leads to higher levels of happiness – and health. jot down 3 things you're grateful for + snap a pic to share! if your 3 things includes someone, tag them to make sure they know!

DAY 12 [11/13]: what’s cookin’, good lookin’? cooking is a creative expression + a healthy method of self-care. post a pic of your food prep for the week so you have good-for-you meals on hand all week!

DAY 13 [11/14]: hey, goal getter! what one goal have you seriously crushed? post a pic that shows you achieving something you're really proud of.

DAY 14 [11/15]: living a balanced life is a pivotal part of being happy. all or nothing isn't sustainable in any area of your life. weigh in: how do you bring balance to your life? post a pic of how you measure moments of joy. 

DAY 15 [11/16]: happiness is a choice - not a feeling. did you know that literally spending 5 minutes per day journaling is linked to higher levels of happiness? snap a pic of your daily doodles today!

DAY 16 [11/17]: little ones bring serious amounts of joy. whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle - or even honorary family to your friend's kids, post a pic of a wee one that makes you smile!

DAY 17 [11/18]: who doesn't smile when they see puppies? whatever furry critter has your heart, research shows that people with pets are happier + healthier! post a pic of your fur baby - or if you don't have one, post a pic of a pet that makes you smile!

DAY 18 [11/19]: "wherever you go, there you are." rather than run away from problems - race toward new adventures! where have you always wanted to go? think of a trip you'd like to take in the next 6 months. post a pic that represents a new place you'd like to visit + tell us why this adventure excites you!

DAY 19 [11/20]: spoil thyself. buying stuff might not make you happy, but retail therapy (in moderation) is a healthy way of rewarding yourself for achieving goals. who else has been saving their pennies for black friday? post a pic of something special you're gonna buy for yourself or someone you love on the biggest shopping day of the year!

DAY 20 [11/21]: pay it forward. random acts of kindness actually bring the giver just as much happiness as those they bless! buy someone a cup of coffee today, tag a friend to challenge them to do the same + snap a pic of your fave coffee mug.

DAY 21 [11/22]: what is your happy hour? the gym? a glass of vino with friends? quiet time reading? getting an extra hour of shut-eye? whatever it is, know that YOU are the one who determines what makes you happy. snap a pic that represents #thisismyhappyhour for YOU!

HAPPY RESOURCES to bring you more joy:

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