wanna move more + stress less? try this new program.


sick of all those restrictive diets + extreme workouts? then keep reading. because we’ve got the low-down on a promising new program that’ll knock your socks off, no calorie-counting or tire-tossing required. we caught up with our chief fitlosopher + the proud creator of the 6-week COMEBACK to get the deets on this low-stress gameplan + answer all your pressing questions.

[what inspired you to create this program?]
when i first set out to create this program, it was going to be a 6-week SLIMDOWN. but the truth is, in my opinion, the world doesn’t need one more detox or diet. both personally and professionally, i've weathered a few stressful messes and had my share of days where my focus wasn't on getting shredded, but sometimes just survival. we won’t focus on the woe-is-me, but i share because i want you to know i get it…and i care. that’s why i created this program.

[love that! so what’s it all about? what’s your 30-second elevator pitch?]
oh goodness, not sure if i’m even capable of a 30-second spiel, haha! but basically, it boils down to this: move more, stress less. this is a program that will help you get back on your feet to turn your setbacks into comebacks. yes, there are workouts + recipes, but we'll also focus on mindfulness, gratitude + creating healthy accountability. hey, i think that was less than 30 seconds! go, me!!

[yes, you did it!! ok, so who did you design this program for?]
this program is designed for + dedicated to anyone who has faced severe depression or had days on-end when they didn't want to get out of bed, anyone who has survived a serious accident or experienced life-altering trauma, anyone who has lost someone they love either through death or divorce, anyone who has re-gained weight that they previously lost, anyone who has suffered from chronic pain as a former (or current) athlete, anyone who has battled crazy imbalanced hormones coupled with sleep deprivation, anyone who has owned their own business or held a job with crazy-high levels of stress. and the list goes on + on. BUT this program is also for the person who might already be in good physical condition, but has been doing the same thing over and over (and over) again - and not seeing any results. sometimes we have to switch things up - and this program helps us do just that!

[i absolutely love this - the antidote to extreme workouts + diets!]
yes! because the truth is, extreme exercise + deprivation diets are essentially another form of stress on the body, so the answer isn’t killer workouts and trendy diets!! instead, you need to shift your focus to reduce stress, fit in a moderate amount of movement, nourish your bod with healthy foods + up your mood through mindfulness. disclaimer: i'm no doctor (and you should consult with one before starting any new program), but this is seriously what’s worked for me.

[so what all can we expect once we get started?]
SO glad you asked! you’ll get short, 20- to 30-minute daily workouts with over 100 exercises divided into 3 phases so you can make sustainable progress over the next 6 weeks. this was co-created with fitness expert erica ziel, so you can be confident that these are safe + effective moves no matter what your fitness level. that being said, we give you options to modify or advance every exercise so you can tailor it to your fitness level. you’ll get a guide to create a flexible program that works for you – no stress, guaranteed. the workouts are downloadable + printable + can literally be done anywhere, making them travel-friendly or totally doable from the comfort of your own home. we even give you recommendations for programs to try once you're ready for what's next! depending on your goals, one of them is sure to be a perfect fit. and my personal favorite feature: accountability + community. not only will you have access to me, you’ll be able to chat + compare notes with others just like you via a private facebook group, exclusively available for those who have joined the 6-week COMEBACK program. i'll make weekly live appearances, along with the rest of the fitlosophy girls, as well as guests from fitness + nutrition experts. 

[awesome! will there be recipes?]
absolutely! my top 24 favorite recipes, to be exact. each requires less than 20 minutes of prep + features ingredients that are effective at lowering stress, inflammation + helping hormones ...and are so yummy! including my personal favorite, which i make on a weekly basis: my bison chili. it’s easy, low-stress, just a few simple ingredients + it gives me all the nutrients i need. i’m a total creature of habit, so i’m happy as a lark making the same few things over + over to have on-hand for quick, nutritious meals + snacks. a few others i make all the time + can’t wait for everyone to try: the goat cheese stuffed bell peppers + the paleo chocolate pudding with a special secret ingredient! all the recipes in the program are gluten-free (because hello, inflammation is no bueno when you're under stress or in pain) and we include vegetarian, whole30 + paleo recipes as well! 

[YUM! anything else we should know before we buy?]
yes! so just to be clear, so there’s no confusion, this is NOT for you if you want a quick fix or think 6-pack abs are the key to happiness. sometimes it's not about crushing it; sometimes it's just about putting one foot in front of the other. take the next 6 weeks to focus on yourself in a healthy, positive way that doesn’t include obsessing or stressing. move more, stress less. and the absolute best part? there are no rules. our aim is to get you back on your goal-getting game – whatever that looks like for you.  a non-negotiable for this program: mindfulness. a key to lowering stress + improving health will be to slow down, so whether that be practicing meditation or journaling gratitude, i can't stress enough how important it is for you to quiet your mind daily. but as with anything, you will get out of it what you put INTO it! 

ok, well we’re definitely sold! you can start the program at any time, but feel free to join in + follow along! who else is ready to get their comeback on?? click here to get started! wanna learn more first? check out our facebook live!

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