wanna get those goals? 4 reasons why accountability works.


did you know you are 76% more likely to achieve a goal after committing to an accountability buddy? even more impressive: chances of success increase to 95% when you commit to regular, ongoing check-ins with your accountability buddy to keep an eye on progress. this is exactly why we created an accountability group for our 6-week COMEBACK 
members on facebook - to provide a forum where COMEBACKers can check in, compare notes + cheer each other on toward their individual goals. we couldn’t have possibly said it better than COMEBACKer lisa when she declared “welcome to your COMEBACK ladies! great decision and start to your 2019. wonderful way to focus on you and learn to give yourself grace and forgiveness if you stumble -  which i think we all have. and whether you participate here or not, you just gained a great group of cheerleaders in a safe non-judgmental place. good luck, welcome and enjoy your COMEBACK!” here are four reasons why the accountability that the COMEBACK group offers really works.

[keeps you focused on your goal]

when life gets in the way, work is busy, the kids seem to require all your attention, it can be easy to convince yourself to blow off that workout or those new healthy habits. but when you have a gentle reminder from your accountability buddy each day, guiding you back on track toward your goals, you’re much less likely to give up + much more likely to remember the reasons why you set those goals in the first place.

COMEBACK words of wisdom:
“i am counting today as a huge success - 96 oz. of water and 30 minutes on the treadmill for the first time in 6 weeks!!! my 2019 get-fit is going to have a slow start but i am here and i am starting. i guess that is all that matters!” - COMEBACKer jennifer

[workout buddies make you more likely to keep up with your workouts]

not only are you less likely to flake on a workout when you’ve committed to meeting a friend at the gym, exercise is just more fun with a pal. you’ll actually look forward to that boot camp or morning jog when it also means a little girl talk + maybe even a post-workout smoothie date. don't live close by? digital accountability can be just as effective. share your workout goals + then check-in throughout the week! be transparent about the process so your accountability buddy can encourage you every step of the way - while you do the same for them.

COMEBACK words of wisdom:
“well jennifer, you inspired me with your post!! thank you. i have been out of the loop, out of the gym and over the top on the scale. 😂😂so my husband and i made a pact: back to what we know, the amazing 6-week COMEBACK and whole30 eating. we started on tuesday. alarm goes off at FIVE AM and we are off! thank you COMEBACKers for being on this page.” - COMEBACKer stacy 

[a little competition never hurt anyone]

enlisting a friend to train with or to practice those healthy habits with means you’ll have a built in buddy to spark up a little friendly competition. sometimes that drive to win is all you need to really take it to the next level + not only stick to your goals, but crush them!

COMEBACK words of wisdom:
“water drinking challenge TODAY!!! four of these [24 oz glasses of water] is my goal. i’ve NOT been good with water intake these past few days and i feel it. SO please help ME out and join me!!!! pretty please! we can count our cardio as running to the bathroom. 😂who’s with me?” - COMEBACKer heather 

(p.s. not only did several COMEBACKers join in on the hydrating fun, it became a friendly little competition to see who could down the most! COMEBACKer penny put it best when she said “omg i’m done. but my poor little bladder got a workout today.” i think we could all agree on that that day!”

[keeps it fresh + inspiring]

inevitably, after working toward the same goal day in + day out, you’ll go through phases when you feel less than inspired. and nothing breaks you out of an inspiration rut quite like seeing how your accountability buddies are doing it - what they’re cooking this week, which workouts they’re trying, how they’re meal prepping.  

COMEBACK words of wisdom:“i couldn’t take a picture of my plate, but i was very cognizant of what i put on my plate. note to self: send healthier items to husband’s potluck. the healthy choices i ended up making that day were based on this day’s post. heather and angela, you may not always get responses on your posts, but we are watching and you are making a difference in our lives.” - COMEBACKer elizabeth meyer

are you ready to start your COMEBACK for the new year + create some accountability to help you reach those goals? go snag your 6-week COMEBACK download today + join us in the facebook group exclusively for COMEBACKers! it’s never too late to become the best version of yourself.

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