top 3 weight-loss tips from a celeb trainer: there's a fitbook for that.


odds are, you’ve heard of harley pasternak. a world-famous trainer-to-the-stars, he is responsible for shaping the svelte physiques of some of the biggest names in hollywood - jessica simpson, benjamin bratt, hilary duff, megan fox. (the list goes on.) halle berry in catwoman? yeah, that was all him. so needless to say, when harley speaks (yeah, we’re on a first-name basis now), we listen. especially when he recommends practicing the very tenets we preach. you see, it turns out that for every single one of the 3 top weight-loss tips pasternak recently shared with popsugar, there’s a corresponding fitbook for that. don’t believe us? check it out!

1 [move more] pasternak is big on making small, simple changes with the belief that one good choice leads to another...and another...and another. the first step he recommends? aim to include more movement in your day - specifically at least 10k steps per day. he believes that this small tweak not only helps you directly shed pounds, but also sets you up to make more conscious food choices.

there’s a fitbook for that:
fitbook lite was designed around the premise that just four small tweaks can really add up to some major lifestyle improvements, and thus spur weight-loss. tweak #1? #move30. breaking a sweat for at least 30 minutes each day is all it takes to put you on-track toward your health + fitness goals. (just ask our fab fitbooker lisa!) fitbook lite features a "digital digits" section to log your steps, distance + daily burn. you'd be surprised how it motivates you to reach that goal when you have to actually write it down. not a fan of dropping cash on a pricey tracker? use a simple pedometer (or an app on your phone) to log your steps on the cheap.

2 [get your snooze on] according to pasternak, when you don’t get enough sleep, your body is flooded with three specific trouble-making hormones that wreak havoc on your weight-loss goals, making you eat more, preventing your body from burning fat as efficiently and encouraging body-fat storage. no bueno. and what’s worse, you’re a lot less likely to stick to those workouts and healthy food choices when you’re sleep-deprived and exhausted. pasternak recommends catching at least 7 hours of zzzs per night.  

there’s a fitbook for that: like harley, we know what an important component sleep is in the fitness equation, so with our fitspiration journal, we wanted to create a product that would actually up your sleeping potential. studies have shown that gratitude journaling before bed may help you sleep better and longer. try jotting down thoughts of gratitude in our goal getter fitspiration journal for just 15 minutes each night, and say buh-bye to counting sheep and oh hi to restful sleep. 

3 [fuel up with protein + fiber] let’s face it: food is fuel, and pasternak recommends fueling up with a healthy daily dose of protein and fiber, plus some healthy fats, spread out throughout the day. so how does he hold his clients accountable and keep them mindful of their choices? food logging. each night before bed, they’re tasked with sending him a photo or screenshot of their daily food log.     

there’s a fitbook for that: all of our fitbooks and journals include food logs, but fitbook PREP is much more tailored to those whose goals require a more detailed record of their individual macros, such as specific intake of protein and fats, making it a perfect choice for any pasternak client.

not everyone can afford a trainer (especially a top-trainer-to-the-stars), but with pasternak’s words of wisdom in your head + a fitbook in your hands, there’s nothing to stop you from conquering those goals!

which fitbook sounds right for you, goal getter? let us know in the comments below!

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