the "Perfect" band workout: travel-friendly + sunshine-approved


are you a lover of all activities that can be done in the sunshine? if you're like us and have a hard time being cooped up in the gym come summertime, let us introduce you to our buff new bff: the Perfect Bands. these travel-friendly resistance bands are designed to help you build muscle and stay tight + toned wherever you go! we're obsessed with them because you can literally use them in your living room, back yard, on the beach, or in the gym (if you insist). the best part about these Perfect Bands is that they weigh less than two pounds, but can give you up to 45 pounds of resistance! here are our top 3 band moves for a total body workout:


reverse fly
this move helps strengthen your thoracic spine and core, which can be surprisingly weak if you practice poor posture or sit at a desk for most of your day (guilty!). to get started, stand upright with your feet hip-width apart, loop your Perfect Band underneath your feet + hold a handle in each hand. leave your hands by your side and hinge at the waist so your gaze is about a foot in front of your feet. while keeping a slight bend in your knees and elbows, bring your arms out to each side by squeezing your shoulder blades together. perform this move 10 times slowly + controlled,  then quickly move on to the next exercise to keep your heart rate up!  

glute kick-backs
in a kneeling position on your hands and knees, wrap your Perfect Band around the base of one foot. bring the handles around your body and take hold of one handle in each hand. while keeping a neutral spine, kick your leg back directly behind you, extending it completely. continue doing this exercise at a slow, controlled pace for approximately 10 reps, then switch sides! bonus move: once your leg is extended, add 10 tiny pulses to lift your heel closer to the sky! 


band squat
standing upright with your feet hip-width apart, loop your Perfect Band underneath your feet + hold a handle in each hand. bring your hands up to your shoulders so that the band comfortably frames your body. keeping your weight in your heels, come down into a squat to where your knees make 90-degree angles - like you're sitting in a chair. quickly come straight up to standing, making sure not to lean forward. you should feel some resistance caused by the bands on your way up. perform this move 10 times and quickly move on to next exercise to keep your heart rate up! tip: make this move more challenging by adding an overhead press at the top!

there you have it, fitbookers - the Perfect workout you can do anywhere. try to do 5 sets of 10 reps for each move - promise your booty and core will thank you! give these moves a try and let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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