swimsuit shopping: 4 tips for body confidence (+ healthy dose of humor)


swimsuit shopping + body confidence aren’t words most women would ever dare join together in one sentence. just ask the ladies over at IMomSoHard. they know what’s up. because let’s be real: wrestling our way into a teeny bikini (on top of our undies, to boot) + standing back to behold the dimpled results beneath the most unforgiving of fluorescent lighting (seriously, what is up with the lighting?? we haven’t found a better solution to this problem yet??)? not our best look. and definitely not the most obvious way to up your self-esteem. but ya know what? when the sun comes out, the buns come out! we owe it to ourselves to make the most of those steamy summer days, oozing with confidence. need a little boost to get through this year’s bathing suit browsing? check out our top 4 tips for swimsuit shopping with swagger.

1 [start with an attitude of gratitude]
ok, so we know you’re totally sitting over there reading this right now going “huh?? how’s gratitude gonna make me look foxy in a bathing suit??”. well we won’t even go into the looooong list of physical benefits, including inspiring bikini-bod-boosting sweat sessions, right now. making gratitude a priority is also an indispensable tool for mental + emotional fitness. perception is everything. when you shift your attitude to acknowledge + appreciate all the wonderful things about your body - not only how it looks, but also what it’s capable of - the difference in what you see before you in the mirror is astounding. for at least a week before you head to the mall, jot down your gratitudes daily, including at least one thing you love about your body (our fitspiration gratitude journals all have a dedicated spot just for this). but not just what it LOOKS like - focus on what it can DO! you’ll magically start noticing those strong shoulders more + that pesky cellulite (we’ve all got it!) less! it’s a total game changer. when you feel awesome, you look awesome.

2 [eat (+ drink) smart]
let’s be honest: we all want to look our best in a bathing suit. a good start: banishing bloat before you even try on. cut out carbonated beverages + sip on h2o all day (even better if you add tummy-taming lemon + ginger) to avoid feeling puffy before baring it all in the dressing room. then munch on potassium-rich foods to really seal the deal. want more de-bloating tips? check this out. and ladies, take a tip from our chief fitlosopher. do not (we repeat) do NOT go bathing suit shopping while PMS'ing. it is a wham-bam combo of albeit natural, but not-so-lovely bloat, coupled with waves of hormone-induced emotions that ebb and flow like a tide pool. there ain't no de-bloating tips to save you from that!

3 [fit comes first]
this may seem like a no-brainer, but we felt it had to be said. there’s always a trendy, new cut when it comes to swimwear, so it’s easy to be tempted into abandoning your better judgment when you see that plunge-neck monokini looking fabulous on your genetically gifted bestie, but we’re just gonna give it to you straight. if you’re looking to conceal a muffin top, those side cutouts - while super adorbs on the spray-tanned, airbrushed catalogue model - will be the bane of your existence. put more emphasis on fits that flatter your frame, rather than the latest trend. and if you’re choosing between two sizes, as scary + counterintuitive as it may sound, go for the smaller one. wet bathing suits expand, which means sagging + bagging in all the wrong places. no bueno when you’re half naked. surprisingly, in this case, the smaller suit actually ends up making you look smaller (+ your posterior perkier) as well.  

4 [be kind to yourself]
in this case, last is most certainly not least. you’re totally gonna laugh about this one...and possibly feel a little insane doing it, but it’s for your own good. when you’re in that fitting room, squeezing your assets into those little lycra leg-holes, stand up straight, look yourself square in the eye in that tragically ill-lit mirror + boldly proclaim “honey, you look good!”. focus in on those traits you tend to play up + give ‘em the props they so deserve. and do it out loud. treat yourself + your beloved body the way you would your best friend, which means no talkin’ smack. capish? think of it this way: what would you say to your bestie? would you seriously say, "girrrrl, that muffin top though."? um, no. you'd say things like, "that totally flatters your cute little figure." it takes practice, but um that's why we practice gratitude daily so we're prepared when such occasions arise. this is precisely why our chief prompts us every darn day in the fitspiration journal to identify "one thing we love about our strong bod." start creating healthy conversations about your body - and your body will love you back! and finally. have a sense of humor. i mean seriously, if you want to like literally laugh out loud, watch this all-too-hilarious video that pretty much sums up bikini shopping at its finest. 

headed out for some swimsuit shopping this weekend? head on over to our instagram to share your self sweet-talk + a post a pic of your new purchase. tag @fitbook for a chance to win $100 worth of fitlosophy goodies for our #21days2summer challenge happening NOW! not bikini shopping? comment below + tell us what body confidence means to you. we're listening.  

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