stuck in an exercise rut? try this plateau-proof workout.


we’ve been around the workout block a time or two at this point, and we’ve tried everything from goat yoga to boxing in the dark. why do we continue to play guinea pig with these ever-evolving workout routines? because nothing keeps you motivated + helps you steer clear of those dreaded plateaus like switching it up. which is why we love trying new things to share with you in our been there, tried that series. 

ever heard of f45? the “f” stands for “functional training.” and the 45? that’s the number of minutes you’ll be sweating it out in each class. our fitlosophy brand manager, courtney, swears by this workout, so we decided to sit down with her + find out all about the exercise class that has revolutionized her routine + left her 30 pounds lighter.

[ok, so just to give us a frame of reference, what types of workouts do you typically do/prefer?]
i have done every type of workout under the sun! i typically prefer HITT workouts, barre + running! i like to keep my workouts to 30 - 45 minutes. i used to be the two-hours-in-the-gym kind of girl and realized that was a waste of time. if you are focused during that 30 – 45-minute time slot, you can cover a ton of ground and get the best workout.

[agreed. so why did you decide to make the leap from two hours in the gym to f45?]
the first reason i decided to try it was because it is literally a block from my house! being able to roll out of bed and walk to class was a huge plus! i had been doing barre and then switched to personal training before my wedding and shed a ton of weight, but that got too expensive, so I was just doing home workouts for a while and got into a rut. i missed being trained so i gave f45 a try. they offer two weeks free in the beginning and i was hooked after one class! this is definitely not your typical group-class training!

[what makes it different? what's the gist of f45?]
f45 originated in australia and is now starting to take over the united states. it’s a 45-minute high intensity/circuit training workout. every single day is a different workout. in fact, i have never done the same workout twice (and i go 6 days a week)! monday/wednesday/friday is more cardio focused, and tuesday/thursday is more weight-training focused. saturdays are called hollywood - those are one-hour classes with a live dj!

[ok, that sounds pretty darn fun! walk us through a typical f45 class.]  
every class has a different circuit and timing path. f45 has pre-recorded over 3,000 exercises that they organize into different class formats. to begin the class, the coaches will explain how the class will work for that day. then they go around and show you each exercise one by one. you then are assigned a number and you go to that station and begin the workout! the timer and workouts are displayed on the screens and it counts down and beeps when you need to move stations or rest. the coaches are there to walk the room, cheer you on, and correct any form! f45 encourages everyone to high five each other after the class! you leave sweaty + happy! EVERYTIME!

[love the sound of that dynamic! with all the different moves, did you ever feel awkward or unsure during the first class?]
there is definitely some confusion with your first class. although the screens make it super clear what the exercises are and how to move around the room, it’s still very different than any other studio out there. the coaches make sure you feel welcome and help you along the way though! honestly, nobody can really tell if you are a newbie. i still sometimes mess up what station to go to and i consider myself an f45 pro at this point. we all just laugh about it!

[so we're pretty sure we already know the answer to this one, but what's your verdict? would you recommend f45?]
i 100% recommend f45 for anyone! every exercise can be modified, so this class can be for all ages! f45 has truly become my family + i have a whole new group of friends because of it! getting up at 5:30 every morning for a workout class is not always easy, but f45 seriously brings so much joy to my life that it makes it worth it!

[awww, we’re feelin’ warm + fuzzy over here! have you seen some pretty impressive results?]
i have been going for a year and four months now. very quickly, i lost 30 lbs - just from adding f45 into my routine - and i have kept it off! i now focus on getting stronger and maintaining. you can never really plateau at f45 – you can always lift heavier and you can always push yourself a bit more every class! i think that is why i see constant results. my body responds well to this type of workout, and i can truly say that i am in the best shape of my life and the healthiest i have ever been (mentally + physically)!

rumor has it courtney even convinced our chief, angela, to give it a go! so we just couldn’t close this out without getting the lowdown on f45 from the founding fitlosopher herself.

[any closing thoughts, chief?]
um, i always have thoughts! for me, i've had the pleasure of watching courtney literally transform before my eyes as she’s stayed committed to f45. aside from being in super-duper shape (read: strong, toned + healthy), it’s part of her daily routine that does just as much for her mentally as it does physically. that's why i decided to finally give it a go! as a newbie, i appreciated that they gave me two weeks free to try it – which is smart, because it’s long enough to get hooked. after being on the bootcamp-style sidelines for quite some time now, i was a bit hesitant to try it with some of my lingering injuries. but with the help of the trainers, i was able to modify everything + still get a good workout and sweat, which for me is how i manage stress. i love their motto: “team training, life changing” – and honestly it’s true that you up goal achievement if you have those same faces there to encourage you every day! plus, i just really missed lifting heavy things. that said, in true chief-style, i probably misjudged my fitness level a bit + need to be smart, otherwise i’m going to be in pain. so while i did my two weeks every single day, i realize now that i need to ease back in a bit. mentally, i'm as tough as ever, but i've learned the hard way that pride usually leads to pain. i'll continue to crush f45 maybe two days a week, weaving that in with my other workouts (and stretching – in case my physical therapist is reading this) like pilates, spin, and of course my long walks on the beach. i'm also a fan of my short 15-20 minute at-home workouts that are perfect when i'm crunched for time + just can't make it to a class. my favorite thing about f45: when courtney & i get to do the workouts together – so much more fun!  

wow! ok, i think we’re sold! wanna find an f45 workout in your town? visit the f45 website to locate the closest studio. what workout have you tried recently? or what would you like for us to give a go? comment below!

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