progress plateau? 4 questions you should be asking yourself.


as much as whole30 is a game changer (and it is, ohhhh it is), we believe that reaching your goals is 50/50 nutrition + fitness. there is no magic pill. if you want the results, you have to put in the work - and the workOUTs! still, even with your nutrition dialed in + your workouts on-track, sometimes momentum stalls + you find yourself at the dreaded progress plateau. what then? well, sometimes you just have to make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions.

here are 4 things you should be asking yourself when your progress hits the pause button.

[am i making progress?]
we know what you’re thinking: “duh, of course i’m not making progress. that’s why i’m here!!” but progress isn’t limited to just the number on the scale. if that’s your only measure of progress, you’re missing out. are you strong enough to lift more weight than you could a few weeks ago? has your pace increased on those 3-mile runs? are you getting in more reps than before? this is why tracking all the nitty-gritty details during your workouts is so important - so you can look back and literally see how your strength and endurance has increased over time. this allows you to adjust as needed + set new goals to keep pushing yourself, while also patting yourself on the back in recognition of all your progress. what could be better motivation than that??

[am i crushing goals?]
goal-getting is a scientifically-proven plateau smasher. the research is conclusive: productive people are healthy people. in fact, people who achieve their goals are just happier + more motivated in general. one important part of the equation? journaling your gratitude + goals for more than just your workouts. you'll be far more mindful of how instrumental your workouts + healthy habits are to your overall well-being.

[do my clothes fit better?]

like we said, never rely on the scale as your sole measure of success. when you’re building muscle and burning fat simultaneously, your body composition is inevitably changing. but while you may be losing inches, that stubborn ol’ scale might not budge at all. two reliable indicators of progress that don’t require stepping onto a scale: how your clothes fit + shifts in body composition. use body-fat calipers + a simple body tape-measure to take measurements every 4 weeks + always make a mental note of how you feel in your clothes.

[do i have more energy?]
oftentimes those intense, extreme workouts that essentially aim to kill you aren’t always the best for you. yes, high-intensity workouts are effective at burning calories, but at what expense? rule of thumb: your workout should leave you feeling energized + accomplished, not dead + defeated. if you feel like you just got hit by a truck, it may be time to switch up your workout to something slightly less extreme. besides, loving your workout means you’re more likely to actually do it each day.

remember, progress isn’t all about pounds. look beyond the scale + you’ll find new ways to measure your growth. how do you push through those plateaus? share in the comments!

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