peanut butter + coconut protein balls: a slam-dunk snack


ok, so we realize that not everyone is a big basketball fan, but the NCAA finals are coming up, so we’ll take any excuse we can get to partake in some themed snacks! is there a better reason to watch basketball (er, pretend to watch basketball while you actually read a magazine) than gametime nibbles? especially when said nibbles look like tiny basketballs?? we think not.

these little guys are loaded with healthy fats to keep your mental game sharp + packed with protein to fuel those muscles. so whether you’re on or off the court, these peanut butter + coconut protein balls are definitely a slam dunk! check out the recipe below.  

[peanut butter + coconut protein balls]
makes 12 balls

120 g [½ cup] unsweetened shredded coconut
128 g [1 ½ cups] unsweetened peanut butter (or nut butter of your choice)
15 g [1 tbsp] collagen protein powder
60 ml [¼ cup] maple syrup
pinch vanilla bean powder

  1. using the tare function on our handy-dandy food scale, weigh out all the ingredients in one bowl. 
  2. mix it all together until fully blended, then form into 12 balls.
  3. refrigerate for a couple hours + enjoy!

tip: using the tare function on your food scale dirties just one dish + makes clean-up a snap! here's how: turn the scale on, press the 'unit' button until grams is selected + add first ingredient to the bowl (in this case, 120g of coconut). then press the 'tare' button to zero-out the weight + add ingredient two (peanut butter) to the bowl. continue with all ingredients, switching units of measure as needed!

what’s your favorite healthy snack to whip up come game time? share in the comments!

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