paper is the new black


shhhhh. do you hear that? it's the sound of a new era, the turning of a page (literally). recent years have seen us all scrambling to download the latest “it” fitness app, thinking that this time for sure, technology can do for us instantly what we ourselves have been incapable of thus far. we’ve replaced shelves of paperback novels with e-books, and glossy magazines with internet editions. well guess what: paper is back, baby!

according to recent studies, 69% of people track their health stats, keeping tabs on their diets, exercise, blood sugar, sleep patterns and more. the interesting twist in this age of technology and fitness apps? most of those people aren’t using an app, but rather good, old-fashioned pen + paper. why? because it works. in one recent study, those who wrote down their goals achieved 10x more than those who didn’t. hence, our passion for all things paper. and it looks like we’re not alone: e-book sales are down, print-book sales are up, magazines are making a comeback.

albert einstein once said “the human spirit must prevail over technology.” there’s just something about robotically typing your daily deets into an impersonal app that leaves us cold. there’s no room for detail, no personalization, nowhere to expound upon the nitty gritty that really sets your info apart. don’t get us wrong - we love our technology, but there is a point at which you just have to get back to the basics of being a real-live, imperfect, mistake-making, feelings-having, journey-experiencing human-being. that’s where the magic happens.

when you write things down, your brain hops to attention. it wants you to achieve that goal, so it sends every signal it can to nudge you in the right direction. when you write it down, you have the ability to record all those useful tidbits like how you felt after a meal, your mood after a workout, what times of day you’re feelin’ those hunger pains or that midday slump. you can more easily and effectively figure out what works and what doesn’t, altering your routine as needed for maximum results. plus, there’s something comforting (and dare we say, remarkably retro!) in the simple act of writing things down for posterity. you'll always have that little time-capsule upon which to reflect, to see how far you've come. just one more reason that paper rocks!

and what better way to usher in the return of paper than with the launch of the new "it" book:  our latest designer fitbook.  meet "the spotty dot" - NOW available for pre-order today at!  hustle up, once these sassy little numbers are sold out, they're gone baby, gone. 

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