on a kondo kick? here are 6 ways tidy up your health.


wanna get a jump on that spring cleaning, marie kondo style? in case you’ve been living under a rock, marie kondo is the author of the bestselling book the life-changing magic of tidying up + star of the netflix show tidying up with marie kondo. she’s made it her life’s work to help us declutter + re-organize our living spaces by showing us how to rid ourselves of the things that no longer serve us + hang on to only the things that spark our joy.

not only does "kondo-ing" make your home look fantastic, it relieves stress + is all-around great for mental health. it helps you pinpoint what’s really important, teaches you to make do with less, clears your space and your mind.

take our kondo-esque clean-up challenge to healthify your space in just one short week. no stress, no scrambling to finish it all in 24 hours, just one little targeted area to tackle each day that's pretty much guaranteed to boost your well-being. 

[day 1: kitchen]
kondo-ing your kitchen is the perfect place to start your spring spruce-up. not only will it clean out your cupboards, it’ll even help you start eating better. we know it sounds like a pretty obvious statement, but if there’s not junk in your pantry, you can’t eat junk, now can you?  

clear the clutter: first, you must go through + toss the things that aren’t serving you. this should be relatively easy - if you don’t use it, lose it. if something has been sitting in your pantry or fridge for months on end, odds are you either don’t need it or it’s gone bad anyway, so in the trash bin it goes. old salad dressings, stale crackers, that moldy cheese - these are no brainers. once the spaces are clear, wipe down shelving + place everything that’s left back on the shelves in groups that make sense - spices with other spices, nut butters with jams, you get the picture. invest in a few organizers + lazy susans to maximize space + make it easier to see everything you have so you don't keep doubling up on things you don't need at the grocery store.   

spark the joy: when your food storage spaces are clean + uncluttered, you’ll have more clarity on which foods you truly want in your kitchen (and more space to fill in the holes with lots of fruits + veggies). ask yourself questions + answer them honestly. is this nutritious? is it delicious? delicious enough to be worth it even if it’s not the most nutritious? weed through everything until you’ve pared it down to only the foods that truly spark joy - whether in your digestive tract or on your tastebuds.  now you have a clean cupboard to organize a shopping list that sparks joy. 

[day 2: workout gear]
let’s face it, workout gear takes a beating. between frequent wears, inevitable tears + profuse sweating, it’s just one of those clothing categories where you should expect there to be a bit more turnover than, say, a good coat or pair of pants.   

clear the clutter: lay out every single piece of workout clothing you own on the floor + decide one-by-one whether to toss or keep.

spark the joy: once you’ve cleared everything out, you can take inventory of what you have left. the leggings that really perk up your posterior, those sneakers that cushion each + every step, that holy grail sports bra - those are keepers that will actually encourage + inspire more regular workouts. a lighter load in your athleisure drawers will allow you to more easily see what’s missing too. pick up a couple new pieces the next time you’re out, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be wasting money on something you already own. store your keepers rolled up kondo-style to save space + make everything viewable at a glance.  

[day 3: gym equipment]
we all end up with random excess exercise equipment littering our lives at some point - the result of years of good intentions + late-night infomercial impulse purchases. it’s time to strip it back down to the basics. more equipment doesn’t mean better workouts (except when it comes to cute water bottles). in fact, clearing out your exercise space might inspire you to get even more creative with new body-weight workouts.  

clear the clutter: by all means, if that fully stocked home gym gets plenty of use each week, keep doing what you’re doing. but if, like many of us, you have multiple items that simply sit around collecting dust, it’s time to do some clearing. if you haven’t used a piece of equipment in six months, we’re gonna go out on a limb + say it’s not all that useful to you. sell it to a sports consignment store, take it to goodwill, give it away to a friend in need. there are tons of exercises out there designed for minimal or no equipment, so not to worry, you won’t miss a beat. 

spark the joy: organize what's left in groups. hang resistance bands on hooks to keep them off the floor, keep mats corralled in a basket. once you’ve refreshed your workout space, try a new online class to get you excited about your newly tidy gym. go through your old fitbooks + give yourself credit for the gains (or losses) you’ve made, then either toss them (remove the coil + recycle the paper) or save them for future reminiscing (we’re partial to option b).

[day 4: medicine cabinet]
an organized medicine cabinet is crucial. it means everything you need to prevent illnesses and ward off aches + pains is right at your fingertips. it means you’re less likely to forget to take those vitamins every day. it means you won’t inadvertently purchase anything you already have because everything is right there at a glance.  

clear the clutter: take every single thing out of your medicine cabinet + arrange it all in groups. vitamins, supplements, cold meds, pain meds, etc. toss anything that’s expired, of course.

spark the joy: invest in a couple cabinet or drawer organizers to corral everything you’re keeping, to ensure everything has its place. spice organizers are great for this. store things you take daily in one easily accessible spot.   

[day 5: desk]
if you’re like us, your desk gets periodically overrun by papers + sharpies + staplers, oh my! now, we’re not saying your office needs to be the picture of perfection, but a cluttered workspace will often mean a cluttered headspace, so it behooves you to keep things relatively tidy. you’ll keep your creativity channels open + your mind clear so you can do your best work.

clear the clutter: toss old papers, magazines, mail, bent paper clips, errant staples, dried up pens, rogue post-it notes

spark the joy: organize papers that were too important to toss, but never made it into the filing cabinet, by assigning them all their own file folders. don’t have a filing cabinet? use a filing folio! corral your pens + binder clips + little odds + ends in cups or jars or small dishes. sort through your old planners + journals. it’s always fun to remember all the different things you’ve done over the years, see reminders of challenges you’ve overcome. keep what’s really nostalgic + release the rest.         

[day 6: car]
you spend a lot of time in the car. why not make it just as much of an oasis as your home? this will make your drives that much more enjoyable - even in those dreaded traffic jams.

clear the clutter: grab a garbage bag + get to tossin’. get rid of garbage (obvi), old receipts, clear out the center console. obviously there will be things here + there that you rarely use, like a tire-pressure gauge or jumper cables, so group those together in a spot that you don’t use on a daily basis. reserve the front for daily necessities.

spark the joy: as the boy scouts say, always be prepared. ask yourself what you always tend to use or wish you had with you when you’re driving around town. a couple pairs of shades for those sunny days? kleenex for those runny days? a water bottle to stay hydrated? baby wipes for sticky fingers or icky spills? we’re not sure about you, but nothing sparks joy for us quite like the feeling of being prepared for anything. once you’ve narrowed down your must-haves, assign each item its own designated spot. that way, you’ll always know where it is, and it won’t clutter up your space.

and on the 7th day, we rested. job well done, fitbookers!

have you kondo-ed your casa for spring? where did you begin? share in the comments below!

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