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anybody else slightly stressed out? this time of year tends to bring about all sorts of emotions: excitement + joy often mixed with stress + yes, sometimes sadness. running to + fro amidst the holiday hoopla can be downright overwhelming - and then factor in trying to stay on top of your goals! (cue eyeroll) "goals...what goals?" you might say.

what if i told you that there’s one thing you can do each + every day to up your happy + cut your stress? two little words: practice gratitude. yep, noting what you’re grateful for each + every day brings boundless benefits like sleeping better, exercising more + fostering healthy relationships. in fact, one study found that journaling gratitude actually boosted happiness levels by 10%, which is equivalent to the happiness boost you’d get from doubling your income! so you’re welcome: i’m giving you a joy-boost equivalent to a huge raise...for FREE!

other benefits:

  • improve sleep quality by 25%
  • reduce blood pressure + plaque build-up
  • slash stress levels
  • lower inflammation
  • boost immune system
  • increase exercise by 40 minutes weekly

shall i go on? gratitude matters.

having trouble finding something to be grateful for in the grind of day-to-day life? well, let me be that little nudge to remind you. join me for the next 21 days as we embark on a journey to become more grateful. each day for 21 days i promise to inspire you + give you ONE (just 1) thing to help you home in on all the things you have to be grateful for.

so, who's ready for the #21days2change grateful challenge? get ready: the 21-day challenge starrrrrrts NOW! here’s all you have to do to join:

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  3. POST + COMMENT daily using #21days2change + tag @fitbook so we see!

gratefully yours,

p.s. wanna get a little head start on that grateful heart? here are all 21 days laid out for your planning pleasure!

DAY 1 [11/01]: adopt an attitude of gratitude. as we said, the benefits are endless...but only if you do it. post how you will shift toward an attitude of gratitude for the next 21 days. journal? post daily? prioritize prayer time?

DAY 2 [11/02]: it’s all about family. spending time with family not only lowers your stress, it actually improves your overall mental and physical health. take a moment to post about a family member you're extra grateful for + tag them to tell 'em.

DAY 3 [11/03]: light-bulb moment! planning out something positively brilliant? that creative streak actually serves you well, keeping your mind sharp and reducing your risk of alzheimer’s. post an idea you're working on that you're grateful for.

DAY 4 [11/04]: so many books, so little time. reading should totally be considered a superpower. it increases your intelligence, expands your vocabulary + even ups your empathy. and since screen time has a tendency to scramble your sleep, what better way to wind down for the evening? post about a book you're grateful for.

DAY 5 [11/05]: savor a sweet treat. we are all about balance. eating healthfully most of the time means the occasional indulgence doesn’t have to send you straight into a shame spiral. enjoying everything in moderation means you’re less likely to binge anyway. post a sweet treat you're grateful for.

DAY 6 [11/06]: work it out. aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, regular workouts lower your risk of heart disease, boost your happiness + amp up your energy. post about a workout you're grateful for.

DAY 7 [11/07]: friends forever. having a healthy social life is more beneficial than you might think. not only does it improve your sleep + keep you sharp as a tack, you’re less likely to get sick + more likely to live happily to a ripe, old age. post a pic of a friend you're grateful for + tag them to tell them why you heart them!

DAY 8 [11/08]: life is what you make of it. abe lincoln once said “most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” the takeaway? your story is yours to write. post about how you're making strides to write your own story on the blank slate of life.

DAY 9 [11/09]: take a victory lap. whether it’s a career win, a personal best or a mental triumph, every success - no matter how small - builds confidence + fuels more goal-getting. post about a personal victory you're grateful for.

DAY 10 [11/10]: what one product would you take to a desert island? we all have that one thing we absolutely couldn’t live without (ahem, coffee). what’s your non-negotiable, that one little game-changing goodie? post about a company or product that's changed your life. 

DAY 11 [11/11]: land of the free because of the brave. no one deserves more praise + respect than those who put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms. post a pic of a veteran or loved one currently defending our country for whom you're grateful.

DAY 12 [11/12]: what’s your ritual? routines provide comfort + consistency on the daily, which is great for your stress levels + mental health. post about a daily ritual you're grateful for (did we mention coffee already?).

DAY 13 [11/13]: kill ‘em with kindness. have you ever been the recipient of a stranger’s random act of altruism? nothing touches the heart more quickly (ok, puppies might be a close second). post about a random act of kindness you're grateful for.

DAY 14 [11/14]: love your body. self-love is perhaps the most important expression of love there is, yet ironically it’s often the most difficult to achieve. truth bomb: your body is amazing - inside + out. it’s time to start giving it due credit for all the wonderful things it does on a daily basis. post one thing you appreciate about your strong bod.

DAY 15 [11/15]: sip up, buttercup. we’ve been known to enjoy a glass of wine to unwind at the end of a long day. ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! bonus: the antioxidant assets each glass is packin’ make it a guilt-free treat. post about a healthy sip that makes you smile.

DAY 16 [11/16]: it’s all about the simple things. is there a truer measure of gratitude than the ability to find joy in the small things? whether it's a sunrise or something silly, doing so can miraculously change your entire outlook on life. post about something simple that made you grateful today.

DAY 17 [11/17]: marvel at mother nature. when’s the last time you really stopped + smelled the roses? or played in that pretty lil' pile of fall leaves? or listened to the sweet sounds of the birds chirping out their morning greetings? studies have shown, the more connected we feel to nature, the happier we are. post about something in the great outdoors you're grateful for.

DAY 18 [11/18]: snack smart. snacks can be a wonderful tool for keeping your blood sugar stable + thus make overeating far less likely - just make sure you’re getting the nutrient bang for your buck. post a healthy recipe or snack you love noshing on!

DAY 19 [11/19]: find words that resonate. there’s a reason motivational quotes exist. because everyone needs those words to lean on when times get tough. words are power. post about a quote, scripture, or passage that you live your life by.

DAY 20 [11/20]: take time to travel. john steinbeck said “people don’t take trips; trips take people.” when you travel, you’ll enjoy pleasant side effects like increased confidence, sharper focus, greater powers of observation + a more open mind. ever traveled to a place that just takes your breath away? post about a trip or destination you're grateful for.

DAY 21 [11/21]: make it happen. nothing boosts confidence quite like setting goals + then crushing them. (pro tip: when you write your goals down, you’re even more likely to achieve them.) post about a goal or dream that you went out + made happen.


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