how this mother-daughter duo is crushin' fitness goals - together.


meet barbara + aimee: one active mother-daughter duo of #fabfitbookers! mom barbara has never really struggled much with her weight, while daughter aimee played sports throughout high school + college, and now works as a swim teacher, swim team coach + lifeguard. but when barbara was diagnosed with early-onset osteoporosis a few years ago, she realized it was time to up her activity even more, setting out to build up those biceps (and bone density) with weights + strength training. around the same time, aimee had started running + doing 5Ks, so joining in was a no-brainer for barb.

after retiring last fall, barbara was steadily upping her running times, but was still struggling to run a full 5K, so when she came across fitbook, she felt like it might give her the extra push she needed in the form of structure + accountability. now, one fitbook in, she’s hooked - so hooked that she + aimee are now both in it to win it, together! now each fitbooking their way toward their individual health goals, they decided to join our 6-week COMEBACK program together.

we caught up with this adorable mother-daughter fab fitbooker pair to find out what setbacks they’re working to overcome + what they’re most hoping to learn from their comebacks.

[you’ve both been pretty active your entire lives. what setbacks made you feel like you needed a comeback?]

barbara: i’ve been thin + fairly active most of my life, but was never able to get back to my pre-baby weight after aimee.  about five years ago, after being diagnosed with early-onset osteoporosis, i started trying to build up my strength with weights. i also started running with aimee. when i retired in october 2017 + had the time to focus more on me, my running times were increasing, but i was still struggling to run a full 5K. 

aimee: i have always been active, so exercising has always been in my daily routine, but i also enjoy eating, so that sometimes caused me to struggle with my weight. i started running + progressed from 5Ks to triathlons to half-marathons. i just finished running my first full marathon last month!

[congratulations, ladies! it sounds like you’re totally crushing it!! so why fitbook?]

barbara: when i came across fitbook, i thought it would give me the structure i needed to journal my eating + exercise. i haven’t ever done formal programs before, but i really like the flexibility of fitbook, and the COMEBACK program has also helped to provide structure with flexibility.

aimee: i have always wanted to keep a personal journal to write down thoughts + inspiration to motivate me, but i never got around to it. having this journal that tied in gratitude and fitness was the next step for me.  i love calendars + quotes! i'm constantly posting them on social media. so this was a perfect fit for me. the COMEBACK, the journal, and the desk calendar are constant reminders for me to hold myself accountable. 

[so what makes fitbook different? why do you love it?]

barbara: i like ‘paper and pen’; being able to write in fitbook + go back to look at past entries. it provides structure, but is very easy to fill in + stick with it. i like being able to see short + long term goals. i also have the daily calendar and really look forward to turning the page each day to see what is next.

aimee: i like the motivational quotes + facts on the calendar. and i love the sticky-notes -i them on my fridge or door to remind me of things!

[noticed any progress or positive changes thus far?]

barbara: i had ordered fitbook at the end of last year, but hesitated to start it. the COMEBACK program gave me that incentive to finally start, and the two are a natural fit together. for me, it has been the combination of all the offerings together that have helped. i have lost weight and inches – definitely have more to go, but i look forward to the structure and spending the 15-20 minutes a day with the exercises. the variety of the workouts has been great also!

aimee: holding myself accountable has always been my biggest problem, following through after i have already started something. and since these last few months of training for my first marathon have been consumed by running, there has been an emotional, mental + physical toll, so setting aside time for myself to clear my mind or write daily reflections or track my meals and workouts or do some yoga poses has been great. it’s really helped me stay focused and on-track.

being part of this 6-week COMEBACK has helped me stay positive when things get hard, as well as be proud of both the big and small accomplishments. it’s nice to see + read others going through the same things as well in the facebook forum.

[we always love hearing that our products are making a difference for people, but we’re particularly tickled pink that you’re finding success as a mother-daughter team! how big a difference does it make to take this on together?]

barbara: it’s been fun sharing the program with aimee! we trade notes on how we are doing and keep each other motivated to keep going. she is such a caring, hard-working person + she’s so passionate about life, so it’s been really great.

aimee: having my mom doing this program + going through this process with me has been so fun and encouraging. i love that we are able to chat about it and share in the soreness! my mom is very loving. she is my biggest fan + the best supporter in all that i have going on in my life. she did so much more than she even knows to help me get prepared for the marathon. her coming to watch me cross the finish line just topped it all off. now that she’s retired and i have purchased my own home + moved out, our schedules are difficult to sync, so the time we spend together is even more cherished. having things in common like running races together on the weekends or going on bike rides or out for walks together brings a more special meaning to spending time together. i cherish those times more + love making new active memories with her. knowing she is getting out, being active, getting stronger, staying healthy, and taking care of her body gives me such a sense of pride.

congratulations on your health wins, ladies! we could not possibly be more joyful to be a part of  your precious mother-daughter memory-making. we can’t wait to catch up again post-COMEBACK!

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