how this #fabfitbooker has transformed 12 fitbooks later


when we first sat down with fab fitbooker jen last august, her dedication to both her training + her journaling was evident. several fitbooks into her health journey, we knew she was a #fabffitbooker for life, to say the least - setting goals + promptly crushing each one. but when we realized this amazing alum has gone through a DOZEN fitbooks (that's 3 years' worth), we gotta admit, we were WOWed!! we caught up with jen once again to talk about this fabulous fitbooking feat + find out what’s next.

[TWELVE fitbooks. impressive!! when + why did you first start using fitbook?]
i started using fitbook in december of my junior year of college. i had messaged a friend of mine (who is an amazing health + life coach) on instagram, and she really helped kickstart my fitness journey. she encouraged me to buy the fitbook for months before i finally caved. i think the reason it took me so long was because i was convinced i wouldn’t have enough time to write everything down, but boy was i wrong! it definitely took me a while to get into the rhythm of things, but i’m at a place now where i feel naked when i don’t have it with me at the gym or in my bag throughout the day.  

[we LOVE to hear things like that!! why have you remained so dedicated to fitbook?]
i’ve tried various journals when i feel like i’m “bored” with the fitbook. i even bought a blank notebook and tried using that for a while. BUT, i always found myself coming back to fitbook. it has given me the tools and space i need to not only set goals, but meet them and celebrate my mini victories as well. i’ve stopped weighing myself completely for many months now and instead use my measurements as my guide. i love keeping myself accountable daily, weekly, and monthly. it sounds corny, but i honestly talk about how much i love this journal with my friends and family.

[well we know they’re all proud of you! are you proud of yourself for staying consistent through a dozen fitbooks?]
wow, a dozen! i never thought i would have this many when i first started because, like i said, it was really hard to get into and be consistent in the beginning. i’m not only proud that i have this many, but i’m proud that i’m able to look at previous fitbooks and see how far i’ve come whether that be with my workouts, my measurements, my mindset, or even my diet. i’ve become a lot more adventurous – i used to hate avocados, and now i put avocado on pretty much everything.  and honestly, i’m missing all of 2015 and a lot of 2016, so i wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few more fitbooks hiding in my college boxes!

[ok, so in all that time, through all those fitbooks, what changes, if any, have you noticed from your first fitbook to your current?]
gosh, so many changes. the biggest changes i’ve noticed are probably related to my diet, my workouts, and my measurements. i noticed that i tried a lot of meal replacement shakes when i was first starting because i wanted the quick fix to be “skinny.” now, i’m just consistent and try to get the most nutrients i can at every meal. with my workouts, i’ve been able to increase my weight, reps, stamina, etc., and just try new exercises that scared me in the beginning of my journey. lastly, my measurements - wow. when i first started tracking everything, i was so focused on the scale and being “skinny.” now, i haven’t weighed myself and my goals have completely changed – smaller waist, bigger booty. i was frustrated with myself the other day and started looking through my first fitbook and noticed something crazy. my waist went down an inch, my arms went down an inch, and my booty has grown almost 4 inches! i never would have been able to notice this and re-motivate myself had i not still had my very first fitbook from back in december 2013.

[that’s incredible! so aside from whittling that waist + bulking up that booty, what skills do you think fitbook has helped you develop or hone?]
growing up an athlete and being a certified personal trainer, i’ve always loved working out, making healthy choices and setting goals. fitbook has helped me continue using these skills and fine-tune things to better fit where i am now. planning, reflecting and just noticing how certain exercises and meals make me feel has been extremely valuable in helping me stay consistent and reach my goals.

[ok, so speaking of goals, what's your next big goal?]
my current goal, which i’ve been working towards for a while now, is to maintain my waist size and increase my glute size. i’ve already been making progress towards this goal and have to remind myself that it is a slow process, but consistency is key. fitbook is helping me see my progress and work hard towards that goal by making small changes each day and each week to crush it.

wow! congratulations, jen!! we didn’t think it was possible for us, the fitbook crew, to be inspired to use our fitbooks even more consistently than we already do, but you’ve managed to motivate us to take it up a notch! thank you for sharing your fitbooking tips + successes with us, and we look forward to seeing more of you on the blog in the new year.

wanna work out like jen? check out this booty-boosting routine:
5 min low intensity cardio to warm up
glute activation side shuffles: medium-resistance band/20 reps per side
double pause squats: 6-8 reps
elevated cable deadlift: 15 reps
elevated cable step-ups: 8 reps per side 
sumo squat deadlift: 10 reps
split lunge: 15 reps per side
hip thrust: 15 reps
single leg curl (alternating): 15 reps per side
*do each exercise with short rests in between - repeat 3x total!

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