how our og fab fitbooker crushed #fitbookwhole30


meet cristal: our OG fab fitbooker. the ultimate fitbook fan for the past seven years - looooong before we graced target shelves or the pages of SELF magazine - she’s the kind of devotee-turned-dear-friend who sends bottles of wine to our offices on fitbook birthdays, joins our chief fitlosopher when she calls for team recruits to run a half-marathon to raise money for cancer, and will absolutely always be the first to order any bright new shiney fitlosophy products. so when cristal saw our chief doing whole30, she was intrigued. its non-scale-victory messaging really spoke to her, and she once again decided to take an angela-inspired leap of faith.

and with fitbook lite by her side, she totally crushed it, racking up a list of non-scale victories a mile long, not to mention shedding 8 pounds + countless inches.

#fitbookwhole30 in her own words:

“one of the keys to succeeding in the whole30 challenge is planning ahead. i cannot stress that enough. i used fitbook lite during my program to not only log my meals and workouts, but to plan ahead for my week. i’m currently in law school three nights a week, and i have an hour commute to work, so i don't have any time to prep meals during the week, and i can't just run home for lunch. so planning my meals, grocery shopping and food prepping on sundays was vital to keeping me faithful to the whole30 rules and not being caught hungry without whole30-approved fuel.

i also used fitbook to track how i was feeling. i used the daily notes section and the end of week wrap-up to reflect on how i was doing and feeling. this is where i would realize all of my amazing NSVs!

i used other tools as well, like the measuring tape to take my pre-whole30 numbers. and of course my handy fitfuser water bottle is never too far away. in the beginning, whenever i felt "hungry" mid-morning or mid-afternoon, i would sip some water and realize i wasn't really hungry after all. this has shifted my mindset from scarfing down a snack the second i felt the first pangs of hunger, to questioning whether i was really hungry or just thirsty, bored or tired of sitting.

i now have more energy, strength, focus and flexibility, and feel overall healthier and younger than i ever did in my 20s. my skin is clearer, my hair and nails are stronger, my muscle and joint stiffness is gone, no more junky cravings, my tummy is flatter, my clothes fit better and i’m sleeping like a baby. i am SO SO grateful for angela and what she is doing with fitlosophy. she has truly inspired me so much over the years, and this is just one more example.”

we can’t possibly congratulate you enough, cristal! to say we are proud would be the understatement of the century. so we’ll just say this: we love you, and here’s to many (many, many) more years of friend- and fitbooker-ship.

have you been inspired to try whole30 too? comment below + tell us if you're going to give it a go. or if you're not sure yet, tell us why! we're happy to answer any questions + also push you past your comfort zone! that's what we do. 

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