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i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we're kinda obsessed with goal-getting here at fitlosophy. there’s just something about writing it down + making it happen that reallllllly tickles our fancy. we feel accomplished, proud, capable, and happy. our fab fitbookers have taught us to really love the process of reaching goals. you see, when we set a big goal for ourselves, we usually end up crossing some pretty cool things off our bucket list along the way. you might set a goal to lose weight, and during the process you run your first 5k like our fab fitbooker, cory. or maybe you set a goal to get your heart healthy and end up inspiring thousands of others to do the same like our fab fitbooker, megan. inspired by our fab fitbookers' journeys, we are very excited to bring you the ultimate guide to goal-getting: our goal getter bucket list.

our fab fitbooker all-star trixia knows a thing or two about goal-getting. after all, it wasn’t that long ago that she set out on her weight-loss journey with one simple goal in mind: become a runner. at first, she couldn’t run more than 10 seconds without stopping to catch her breath. now, a few short years, countless fitbooks and 47 (yes, that’s 4-7!) races later, not only is she a runner, but her astounding 120-pound weight-loss success story made it onto the pages of Good Housekeeping magazine! we caught up with trixia to talk mags, bucket lists + more...

[first of all, congrats!! how did it feel seeing yourself in Good Housekeeping??]
thank you! it felt very surreal. i never would've imagined i'd be featured in a magazine sharing my story. it was pretty emotional for me because it brought back a lot of memories and made me proud to have accomplished one of the biggest goals i've had in years: running a marathon.  

[you've accomplished a LOT and crossed quite a few things off your bucket list in the past couple of years. what are your top 5 bucket list items now?]
my top 5 to complete within the next year or two:
1. maintain a healthy weight
2. run a 100k (62 mile) ultra marathon
3. run my 50th race (i have completed 47 in a little over 2 years)
4. take swimming lessons
5. complete an ironman triathlon

    [when you think about your goals now, do they just seem so much more achievable now that you have seen how much you can accomplish?]
    yes! before, everything was a mere thought/dream. i'd just imagine myself doing certain things (like running a marathon), but it seemed impossible because some things i wanted to do were just such a huge undertaking. it wasn't until i started to write things down and break things into steps and manageable mini-goals that i was really able to achieve them.

    [what is the biggest piece of advice you have for others who want to cross a few items off their bucket lists?]
    no matter what your goal is (health-wise, personal, financial, education), write it down. once you write it down, write down the steps you’ll take and resources you'll need to reach that goal. breaking things down into smaller steps makes things easier, as you'll be accomplishing little goals that lead up to a huge one! remember to take things slow so you don't overwhelm yourself.

    for example, one of my big goals/bucket list items was when i wanted to run a marathon. it seemed impossible because i couldn't even run for 20 seconds. i was like "how on earth am I going to complete 26.2 miles?!". i broke my goal into smaller ones: start off by walking 60 minutes five times a week, then add in jogging for 60 seconds, keep increasing distance and speed little by little. and after a few months, i started to see results. i then signed up for a few 5Ks, and a few half marathons before attempting a full marathon. it no longer seemed impossible. also, know that there may be setbacks. the key is to keep yourself motivated and get back on track. surround yourself with positive people. a great support system works wonders!

    thanks for the tips, trixia!! we’re so gosh darn excited for you, and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of your goal getting! so what have you always wanted to cross off your bucket list?

    here’s your first step: download our printable goal getter bucket list, write it down, then go make it happen! comment below: what's ONE thing that you've always wanted to try? like, what would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail? tell us, goal getters! then download, print, write + SHARE your goals on instagram + tag @fitbook on your #goalgetter #bucketlist!





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