#fabfitbooker missy: how this dietitian dropped 160lbs


our absolute favorite thing about what we do, hands down, is hearing from our fitbookers about how our products have played a part in changing their lives. case in point: we met missy when she came up to our booth at a conference last fall. she bounced into our booth, grabbed our chief fitlosopher by the arm + exclaimed: "i lost 160lbs with fitbook!" she went onto explain that as a fitbook devotee (and registered dietitian), she knew what she should be eating, but she just never followed her own advice...until she found an accountability buddy in fitbook. we were positively floored + so incredibly humbled that our pint-size journal had such a super-sized impact on her health.

fitbook in her own words:

fitbook was exactly what I needed at the lowest point in my life. it gave me a starting point, detailed and to the point, and it allowed me both flexibility and constraint to make it happen! it gave me incentives and goals, and it helped me see where i was falling short, and thus establish long-term behavior modifications.

my favorite thing is the food log. i can see how my day is progressing and what i need to adjust. it makes me conscious of my decisions and the importance of menu planning. it changed me by making me more aware of how bad my choices were before. i plan much more now.

i’ve also gained some things in this weight-loss journey: self esteem and greater endurance. i can now keep up with my five grandchildren - we just vacationed at disney for a week, and I took every step those kids did! i enjoyed my first zip-line experience, and of course, the ability to walk into a regular-size clothing store is fantastic! i just bought my first pair of knee-high boots, and they fit! and i’ve got a great new relationship that supports my healthy lifestyle. and the best part? i'm off all medications!! at 54 years old, my life is just beginning!”

missy has gone from a size 4x to a size 10 shirt, which has not gone unnoticed by her coworkers, who now request her advice + guidance. and we couldn't ask for a better testimonial than helping one of our fitbookers live a medication-free life. congratulations, missy! we are so unbelievably honored to have been a part of your success story, and we are beyond grateful that you walked up to our booth that day to share your heartfelt transformation with us.

missy really got us thinking: for every transformation our fitbookers share with us, there are so many we never hear about at all. y'all...we want to know YOUR story! whatever the transformation -  whether it’s physical or emotional...big or small, we wanna know! we would be so thrilled if you would share your journey with us. this, after all is precisely why we (and our chief fitlosopher) get out of bed every single day. so help us make her day + leave a quick note in the comments below, give us a shout on facebook or instagram, or shoot us an email at hello@getfitbook.com.

we'll be choosing ONE story to feature in march...will it be yours? we can't wait to hear from you. 



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