#fabfitbooker melanie: shedding for the wedding


they say it’s all about who you know. when melanie needed to lose weight, luckily she had a friend who had been down that road herself - our fab fitbooker megan. when melanie saw how much weight megan had lost with fitbook, she felt inspired to follow suit.

you see, melanie has struggled with her weight her whole life. constantly picked on as an overweight child, her teenage years fared slightly better thanks to the weight loss that high school sports afforded her. but her eating habits still needed an overhaul, often hitting up a local mexican restaurant with friends after softball practice, then heading home and having a second dinner there with her family. once high school ended, so did her daily exercise. her weight spiraled out of control, and before she knew it, she was the heaviest she’d ever been. she refused to shop for clothes, she wouldn’t even look at herself in the mirror.

after years of yo-yoing through Weight Watchers, a nutritionist, and Beachbody, she was weary of the constant struggle to not only lose weight, but keep it off. she'd see results, then backslide when the programs she was trying just became too cost prohibitive. she needed something affordable that would keep her accountable. seeing megan’s fitbook transformation was enough to sell her on our little fitness + nutrition journal, but the fact that the price was right sealed the deal.

a couple days after ordering her fitbook lite, melanie got engaged. talk about motivation! by the end of her very first 6-week fitbook lite, she was 10 pounds lighter! now on her second fitbook (this time she picked up our OG 12-week journal), she’s shedding for the wedding + loving her new fitbook routine.

fitbook in her own words:

“i think fitbook has worked for me because i am able to really hold myself accountable on a daily basis. i have to write everything down, and that’s honestly what keeps me going. in those other programs, i never had to track what i was eating or my workouts. so if i ate a whole bag of family-size potato chips and didn’t have to write it down, i could just act like it didn’t really happen. now if i miss a workout and have to check that box saying “oops I missed it”, it really kicks my butt into high-gear for the rest of the week.

i love that it’s inexpensive too. when you are trying to pay off student loans while paying for housing and utilities, you need something that can work with your budget.

i love the inspirational quotes and that at the end of the week you get to reflect on everything you did. it motivates me more. i’ll look back on my previous week and think ‘wow, i did really well with getting my water and fruits and vegetables in, but i could definitely improve my workouts’, so i would focus on that more the following week.

fitbook has really changed the way that i look at myself.
before, if i missed a workout or ate fast food, i would be so disappointed with myself that i would give up. with fitbook, i feel even
more motivated if that happens. i’m not as hard on myself. i know that cheats and missed workouts happen - you just have to be motivated enough to keep going and not let it ruin the progress you have already made.”

solid advice, melanie! now, with a wedding to plan and a second fitbook to conquer, she’s got the motivation (and the tools) to keep the momentum going. congratulations on both your engagement and your fitbook success, melanie! we are beyond ecstatic that our little fitbook has played a part in your newfound self-love, and we can’t wait to see what you do with fitbook #2!   

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