#fabfitbooker kristen: how this TV-anchor mama bounced back after 2 babies


growing up on a horse farm, when kristen wasn’t throwing hay bales as heavy as her own body weight, she was down in her basement putting the family weight-machine to good use - so it’s safe to say she was a strong + active kiddo. but after struggling with shyness, social pressures and body-image issues throughout her high school years - despite her thin, fit frame - kristen entered early adulthood feeling tired, sluggish and a bit depressed. less active than usual and not eating very healthfully, she had gained a little weight for the first time in her life, so she decided to hit the gym with a vengeance. the problem? that meant she would toil for hours on end, getting in as much cardio as she could, while subsisting on as little as 1200 calories per day to maintain what she’d pinpointed as her “ideal weight”.

luckily, kristen eventually settled into a healthier routine, but after two high-risk pregnancies, she found herself once again at odds with her bod + struggling with postpartum depression.

“i ended up going through two very difficult pregnancies,” said kristen. “i was high-risk and spent months immobilized on full bed-rest with my daughter. the second pregnancy, i was restricted to partial bed-rest the entire time. i gained nearly 50 lbs each pregnancy. the first go-round, it was easier to shed the weight due to my age, but the second - not so much. i ended up struggling with postpartum depression and having a very difficult time losing the weight. i finally decided to STOP relying on a scale and give my body the entire year to 'bounce back'."

and bounce back, she did! how, you ask?? read on!

[fitbook in her own words]

“when i found the weight room, everything changed. i put on more muscle, and my metabolism skyrocketed. i also started educating myself on nutrition and foods that worked for me and my goals. not only did i come back stronger, i feel and look better than i ever have.

i first started using fitlosophy products when i got the fitmat for my gym workouts and absolutely loved it. then from there, i fell in love with the products one by one! i now have the fitspiration journals and several of the shirts as well. these were the first journals i’ve found that i love all around. i even gifted them to friends for Christmas! i stay on track when i write things down.

i like that the journal has the motivational quotes that just give me something to look forward to every day. just following all the tips and quotes inspires me. plus, i love women who support each other and brands that have a soul. fitbook has a soul, and you can feel it just by using it. i am on a mission to #getmylifeback this year and it is helping me stay organized! (which is hard on little sleep and two kiddos!) it’s easy and it’s visually fun, which is great for a visual person like myself. it’s simple, but i can keep track of my weekly goals all on one page!

the fitspiration journal has really helped me on the emotional side. i think just planning, organizing and reading the quotes helps me ward off the anxiety of planning. being healthy is as much mental as it is physical for me now.

the ‘if i only knew then what i know now’ is so cliche, but it is so true. i barely do any cardio. i stuck to a plan and it paid off. i encourage women to step out of their comfort zones + find their power through weight training, i have reshaped my body and now even have a six-pack after two kids. it is NOT easy but it IS worth it. i can enjoy the foods i love now and not feel as guilty. fitness is a journey that is different for everyone. we all have a story.”

a traffic reporter and news anchor in norfolk, virginia, kristen is loving life (and her six-pack!) with her beautiful family. congratulations on your physical AND mental goal-getting, kristen. we couldn’t be more honored to have be a part of your journey - then and now!  

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