#fabfitbooker jen: how she went from bullied to biceps


jen has always been athletic, but as an overweight kid, she struggled with childhood bullying growing up. as the teasing worsened, she channeled her upset into something positive - nurturing her own health and well-being, making small, but meaningful changes like serving up proper portions and cutting out soda. when she started seeing progress, she felt the boost of confidence she needed to start hitting the gym.

when a friend who was advising her on all things health introduced her to fitbook for extra accountability and help setting goals, jen decided to give it a go. at first, as with anything new, she struggled with consistency, but eventually it became an indispensable part of her daily routine. in fact, her consistency even earned her a position as a personal trainer at her gym, after the manager took notice of her unparalleled dedication. and while she stepped back from training clients after a year to focus more on her own training again, she still hasn’t lost that drive to better herself each and every day. and she does it all with fitbook by her side.

fitbook in her own words:

“i use fitbook alongside my health plan from Tone it Up. it allows me to plan my workouts and meals for the week to stay on track. i also love the reward aspect. coming from a psychology background, i'm all about setting goals and rewarding yourself when you meet them.

fitbook works because it's a physical thing that keeps me accountable. i can write everything and see my progress. i can go back and refer to old meals and see how i felt, what i liked, what I didn't, etc. i love the weekly prep and wrap-up. sundays are for reflecting and planning.

fitbook has changed the way i see health. it makes being healthy so easy and enjoyable. i want to be proud of what i write. however, if i indulge, i write it down and write how it makes me feel to be able to refer to it later. it's all about balance. using fitbook as a supplement has been life changing. since january, i've lost 10 pounds and several inches, and gained confidence. my next goal: to gain inches around my booty. i'm feeling amazing!”

congratulations on those losses AND those gains, jen! we’re so honored to be your wingman throughout this health journey of yours.

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