#fabfitbooker cory: 100 lbs down leads to magazine debut


last time we chatted with fab fitbooker cory back in fall 2015, she was down 63 pounds + countless inches. she loved that fitbook not only provided her with a level of accountability that had been lacking before, but also how seamlessly it fit in with her weight watchers program. well, a lot can happen in just a few, short months. now, cory has lost more than 100 pounds and has caught the eye of Redbook magazine with her inspirational transformation. naturally, we could barely contain our excitement for her, so we had a little catch-up sesh to get the scoop on her feature and her continued weight-loss success.

[how did it feel being featured in Redbook??]
amazing and a bit surreal! it’s hard for me, on a personal level, to feel like a success story when i still have so many things i want to accomplish.  it is a great reminder of how far I’ve come, and excellent validation when i’m feeling down on myself. it’s also fun to show off a bit!

[last time we talked, you'd lost an incredible 63 pounds. anything new to report since then?]
i have lost 105 pounds now! currently, i’m just trying to maintain my loss, but i do hope to lose another 20 pounds in the near future. my primary goal at the moment is feeling healthy and happy.

[have you changed/tweaked anything about your routine since last year that has helped you continue to lose?]
i switched up my workout routine, focusing on building muscle and weight training, not just calorie-burning cardio. while this may not have led to rapid weight loss, it certainly changed the way my body looked! i have also continued to evolve in terms of the way i eat, incorporating more and more fresh vegetables, fruits and proteins. i rarely eat frozen meals anymore, which used to be a staple for me.

also, i have really focused on incorporating a healthy lifestyle and finding balance. there are many ways to incorporate health into your life that do not necessarily involve dieting and exercise. i know for me, i’m constantly working on my body image and self-confidence (especially after losing 100+ pounds!). while these things can’t be easily measured with the scale, they are still important!!

[what do you feel is the biggest factor in your success thus far?]
habit. pick a method and stick to it until it forms a habit. at this point, exercise and eating healthy are normal for me. it takes a while, but if you stick with it and are consistent, it gets easier and becomes your way of life.  once you have that down, you can continue to progress and find new ways to improve and challenge yourself

[what piece of advice would you give someone looking to lose weight?]
find what works for you and stick with it! for me, it was journaling.
 i tracked everything and kept logs of my food, exercise, water, vitamins, weight, measurements, etc with fitbook.  the accountability really helped me stick with it long term, and even though i’m not actively trying to lose at the moment, i still do it now. i’m just less rigid.

[any new goals?]
my biggest goal this year is to run a half-marathon in the fall. i’m so nervous and apprehensive, but that’s going to be what i’m working toward now!

also, my experience has really left me with a desire to help others, not necessarily just to lose weight, but to develop a healthier lifestyle.  recently, i started volunteering with the YMCA Girls on the Run program.  basically, i’m coaching elementary-school-aged girls to run a 5k.  i have always loved giving back to the community, and was excited to do so in a way that encourages empowerment and supports a healthy lifestyle.

congratulations, cory! we have absolutely loved watching your transformation and are so excited that you had the chance to share your words of wisdom and encouragement with Redbook readers. 

have an inspirational transformation of your own you’d like to share? let’s hear it! you could be our next fabfitbooker!

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