#fabfitbooker aurora: how she got off the disordered-eating rollercoaster


aurora has struggled with her weight and body image for most of her life. after a decade-long rollercoaster that had her battling anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating and more, she felt physically + psychologically trapped within her own body.

“i was screaming for help, but had no clue where to start,” she said. “i always wanted to help myself, but never knew how.”

after being caught by her mother during a binge and subsequent purge on a 16th birthday trip to chicago, she opened up to a mental health professional about her relationship with food. however, in typical teen fashion, her busy school + sports schedule took over, and after just two emotionally exhausting sessions with the therapist, she was back to bingeing.

“i always used the fact that i wasn’t purging as a way to tell myself that i was ‘recovered’ from my eating disorder,” aurora said, “but as time passed and i continued to abuse my body with food, my mom came to my rescue, again.”

shortly before she moved to spain after graduating college, aurora promised her mother that she’d sign up for eating-disorder treatment and began outpatient treatment at the Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders (now, The Emily Program). and while it wasn’t a magic-pill cure-all, it was the first step toward the freedom she enjoys today.

recovering from disordered eating is a process - one that requires consistency and vigilance.  accountability was one of the biggest struggles, yet most important components, of aurora’s healing process. the accountability tool she added to her repertoire? none other than fitbook.

fitbook in her own words:

“i first discovered fitbook on instagram and was immediately drawn to the authenticity and motivation of the brand as a whole. it was refreshing and honest. definitely had me hooked!

i plan my workouts in my fitbook and use the planner to organize my days. i am a control freak and fitbook helps me moderate that, while still helping me feel ‘in control’ of what i'm eating/doing/accomplishing. can you say organization skills on fleek??

i love the cute little quotes on each page. that extra touch is so personal, in my opinion. but what i love even more is that, while the products were designed to help people reach their food and fitness goals, the motive behind the brand itself is so deeply rooted in the personal healing journey of fitbook's creator. it’s a wonderful accountability tool.

i am also obsessed with my meal-prep planner + grocery list. i NEVER go to the grocery store without it. it has been a game changer for me!

i have just felt much less anxiety since using my fitlosophy products. food is such a big trigger for me and being able to organize my thoughts about the food i am preparing and consuming has alleviated so much unnecessary panic that i used to suffer through.”

finally in a good place in her relationship with food, aurora is setting her sights on a fitness related goal.

“i have always wanted to have a toned and strong body,” she said, “and while i have learned to love the skin i am in, i would like to make fitness a bigger piece of my life and practice more strength training. thanks to fitbook, i should have no problems planning those workouts!”

congratulations on your continued recovery, aurora! we are beyond proud to be a tool in your accountability arsenal. 

are you dealing with disordered eating?
given that our chief’s driving motivation behind creating fitbook was her own battle with bulimia, aurora's story is near + dear to our hearts. if you read this + relate...remember: you’re not alone. reach out, comment below + seek help. aurora, our chief fitlosopher + countless others serve as hope that this battle is one that can be won! you are loved.

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