fab fitbooker dan: how this father of two waved bye-bye to dad bod


dan had always thought of himself as a “reasonably healthy” dude. despite his weight yo-yoing off + on through the years, he’d always been athletic and played sports, including a stint as a ski instructor in his twenties. born + bred in london, he spent two decades of his life living in bali before moving to the states nine years ago with his wife and two sons.

“i played sports through 'til my early 40s, i exercised as often as i felt my schedule allowed and i ate as well as i figured i needed to without being obsessive,” dan said. “i measured myself against my peers and my neighbors, and figured that i was doing as well, or as badly, as anyone else. i had too much else going on to stress about something that seemed - in the mirror - to be low down the list.”

as the father of two active boys, as well as director of brand communications for the popular (+ our favorite!) national egg brand vital farms, life was so busy that diets + workout plans would just have to wait. then, after years of work + life stresses, ferrying his teenage boys from sport to sport, and falling into an unhealthy food rut, one day he looked down and realized his waistline wasn’t what it used to be. with 50 pounds to shed + two active sons to keep up with, dan decided to take action. after consulting with a doctor specializing in functional medicine + weight loss, and undergoing blood work, body scans + genetic profiling, he was dealt a rude awakening:
lose weight or lose your life. turns out, a rare genetic condition left him highly susceptible to early onset cardiac disease, and the only way to mitigate that was through drastic weight loss + dietary changes.

“hearing the doctor say those words, ‘you’re a ticking time bomb, but it’s not too late to defuse you’ - that was a wake-up call,” said dan. “i knew i had to change my relationship with food. not a diet, mind you, but a completely new approach to my nutrition.”   

after two years of consistency + hard work, dan was seeing results - down 70 pounds of fat + the proud owner of 25 pounds of added muscle. the problem: he’d hit a plateau + needed a little extra oomph to help him move past it. enter fitbook.

fitbook in his own words:

“i’m not the most organized person. some might even say quite the opposite, so when a good friend suggested that fitbook could do for my lifestyle what certain apps that i used did for smaller parts of my daily activities, i was intrigued. anything to bring order to the occasional chaos!

when you look back through the book and see what you planned, how you reached goals that you set, and monitored all the things that you consumed (with honesty!), you get an enormous sense of accomplishment and empowerment! i’ve been integrating it into my lifestyle for a few weeks now, and i’m slowly becoming better at using all the amazing tools that it offers. initially I just used it to report and reflect on what i had eaten and done on any given day, so i could gain some sense of what changes in habit had the greatest impact. but I have slowly embraced the planning aspect too! as i have learned, structure and planning are your best ally in making changes stick. i say to myself ‘if i can do this for a week, a month is no sweat. and if i can do this for a month, forever is just a short step away.’

i feel fantastic, and knowing that i look as good as i feel amplifies that. i have more physical energy than i’ve had in years. i’m keeping up with athletes half my age. emotionally i am more balanced and less stressed, and mentally and creatively i have never been so productive!

a large part of this lifestyle change was so that i could continue to be an example to my sons and to be able to play with them. but more so, as their own independent lives begin to form, to be a strong support for them, and to be there for them for many years to come. i’m thrilled to have discovered a valuable resource like fitbook to keep me on the right path!”

congratulations on your smashing success, dan! we’re so honored to be included in your journey + we cannot wait to see what plateaus you bust through from here!

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