don’t just step, run outside your comfort zone. [success story]


as we wrap up our half marathon training week, i wanted to share with you a success story from one of our fab fitbookers turned friend who ran the nike women's half marathon with me back in 2013.

awhile back – WAY before the nike women’s half, i shared some sweet words from one of our fab fitbookers-turned-friends who joined my team and not only ran the nike women's half-marathon in san francisco, but also raised over $4300 as part of our team.  be inspired by her words on what she learned by not just stepping, but literally running outside her comfort zone and how it changed her along the way. i challenge you to learn from miss cristal.  how will you step our of your comfort zone in 2014?  get uncomfortable. leap outside your comfort zone. it really is where the magic happens. 

get out there,

[sent via email 11/12/13]

“I’m continuing to run once a week – I don’t want to lose my conditioning, it took me so long to get up to where I am and I know I can lose it quickly. It appears that my newly expanded comfort zone now includes running half marathons because I signed up for the Nike DC half lottery! 

It’s funny how life takes you to unexpected places.  My cousin says that if you want to give God a chuckle you just have to tell him your “plans” which is so true for me this year. If you had told me on 1/1/13 that I would run a half this year I wouldn’t have believed it. I’ve been meaning to write you but I was waiting to be a tad less emotional. From the day I decided to run this to the day of the race was exactly 16 weeks. It was a long, exhausting, emotional, and rewarding 16 weeks.  I thought I signed up for running to challenge myself and support you on your mission to honor your momma and it turned out to be that and a lot more. Running was just the vehicle.

I cried A LOT during those 16 weeks. My theory is that when both body and mind are pushed to the limit, the emotional side is bound to go along for the ride which made me particularly sensitive. Of course I also had a lot to be emotional about. I am usually the girl that does things for other people but the tables were turned on me when so many friends and family supported me along the way with their donations, words of encouragement, and running advice. Having my sisters there holding up signs and a warm dry change of clothes at the finish line!  And the TNT team who were all so wonderful. I was forced to let go of the reigns a little bit and let people do for me, take care of me for a change. I also learned to be proud of myself which is very unfamiliar to me. I am happy with my accomplishments and with the results I get but “proud” ? Never. Its always, I could have done it better, faster, more efficient, etc.  The day after I ran 11 miles straight I felt great and was not sore at all, it was 3 months exactly after I signed up and I realized how far I had come in that short time.  At 34, that may honestly have been the first time I ever felt proud of myself.

I thought about a lot of things when out for my runs and the world started to look a little different.  My surroundings, my family, my friends, my job, my life – I started to focus less on what needs to be fixed, and instead see it for what it all is…beautifully flawed.   I’ve never been good at living in the present. I’m always either reminiscing about the past or planning for the future. Always been that way, even as a kid.  Its a work in progress (aren’t we always?) but I’m working on just being right here, wherever I find myself and appreciating the moment. As Jon Kabat-Zinn says: wherever you go, there you are. So I better just get comfortable and learn to appreciate it!

It was an intense 4 months that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world and a journey that I’ll never forget.  One never knows what life will bring us or what’s just around the corner – I’m glad my life path bumped into yours along the way, otherwise I may never have taken this ride!


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