do those magazine workouts really work? we put them to the test.


katy here - fitlosophy’s resident been there, tried that trooper. let me lay down a scenario for you (please tell me i’m not the only one): you’re on a plane or a train or at the dentist’s office or at home on the sofa, reading your health magazine, gettin’ all enthused over the bum-boosting moves they’ve so graciously laid out for you. in your excitement, you rip out the page, and stash it away, determined to break it out during your next workout….and then you never actually do. despite the best intentions, you lose track of the page, you leave it lying around the house somewhere, it ends up crumpled in the bottom of your purse, forgotten forever.

after crushing a few rounds now of our 6-week COMEBACK workout, i took it upon myself to put a few of these magazine workouts to the test to see, once + for all, if they really work!  i mean after braving goat yoga + a 45-degree battle-ropes class, i'm pretty much game for anything. so i decided to corral all my magazine workouts + put them to proper use. 

this would be a two-step process: 1) figure out a way to most effectively organize all my various papers, then 2) make a commitment to try out a different one each + every day. if my plan worked out as i hoped it would, hopefully i’d be able to revamp my routine in just five short days.

[day 1]
this day was all about the organization. fitlosophy’s fit filer was absolutely perfect for this task - with three labeled dividers, there’s one for recipes, one for workouts and one for inspiration, so it pretty much covers everything i tend to rip out of magazines. i sorted through my huge stack of magazines and torn-out pages + arranged them neatly in my fit filer. i’m counting that as my workout for the day.  

[day 2]
after getting all my ducks in a row yesterday, i was pretty excited to dig into my fit filer + choose a workout today. it felt like my very own exercise library, which was pretty darn cool. it didn’t take me long to settle on “5 moves to boost your booty” from health magazine - a nice supplement to the at-home spin class i took this morning. because who doesn’t want a boosted booty?? it was quick + seemingly effective, as my bum sure was sore by the next day. boom, done.

[day 3]
after a successful first run yesterday, i was uncharacteristically excited to get a workout in first thing this morning. i decided to try a little something different + close my eyes to pull my next workout from my exercise treasure trove. i landed on a tabata circuit from self magazine. what’s tabata, you ask? it’s high intensity interval training where you give maximum effort in the interval-at-hand for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest - which was a-ok with me, as i love anything that incorporates circuits + quick bursts of intensity. those workouts are easier for me to get through for some reason, plus they keep me on my toes. i also love how quick they are, which is crucial for this workin’ mama.

[day 4]
i felt ready to work my way up to a full-body circuit from shape magazine today, each + every move employing the use of an exercise ball - moves like crunches + push-ups + leg lifts. similar to our flexible COMEBACK program, i loved that it gave me the option of going through the 8-move circuit multiple times depending on how much time i had for my workout. having that type of flexibility is essential for me, because between work + three young kids, it’s sometimes not as easy for me to carve out a large chunk of time for exercise each day, so i’ll sometimes just not do it altogether. 

[day 5]
by this point, i was so inspired by my genius new system to fit in exercise anywhere, anytime, that i actually brought my fit filer on the road with me for a business trip. since i didn’t feel like leaving my hotel room once i’d arrived, “12 no-equipment exercises top trainers swear by” from self magazine was a perfect fit (no pun intended) for me today - with bodyweight-utilizing moves like push-ups + air swimming + split squats. i got my entire workout in while i waited on room service!

by the end of the five days, i was impressed out how just taking a little time to organize helped me revamp my routine. not only was my consistency back on track, my drive + determination was there too, because i was having fun + switching it up. i was actually pretty bummed it took me this long to do this! i look forward to working out every day again.

p.s. if you wanna take it up a notch, try our 6-week COMEBACK that i mentioned i've gone through a few times now! while magazine workouts are great for adding variety every now + then, this is a full-on exercise program that includes quick, effective workouts, healthy recipes + journaling. everything you need is in one, effective program - designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. not unlike my favorite new workout library.

in a recent instagram poll, we found that 90% of you still read magazines, while only 10% of you prefer to ditch paper. so, our paper-loving pals: what articles do you tend to tear out most often? 

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