deskercise: two moves to get you fit@work!


if you are reading this at your standing desk where you practice perfect posture all day long, while simultaneously getting your 10,000 steps in, then this is not the blog for you. the rest of us are envious of your ability to live life fit during the work day because for the rest of us, being fit@work does not come easy. sitting at a desk all day is hard. newsflash: "sitting is the new smoking."  it's hard on your body - tight hips, a strained neck, tight chest muscles, inflexible (painful) lower back, increased risk for heart disease, muscle degeneration - just to name a few. and it's hard on your mind - you've got goals to reach + the guilt from getting very few steps in from 9-5 is not helping you achieve them. we know being fit@work is hard, so here are two easy moves to snap you out of that workday-woe + perk that posture right up!

do these two moves every 90 minutes from the comfort of your desk to help you strengthen your muscles while you work.

  1. [happy hips] you've been sitting all day and those hip flexors are locking up on you - no bueno! begin in a lunge position next to your desk, with your left knee touching the floor, and your right knee making a 90-degree angle in front of you. stay here for at least 30 seconds and feel the stretch in your left hip flexor - ahhhh. now, raise your left hand like you're in a company meeting and you've got the greatest idea your boss has ever heard and let that hip flexor feel some major relief. don't forget to switch after 30 seconds - your right hip is equally tight! if you have the time, take that lunge position a step further (literally) and walking-lunge your way to the water cooler. tip: focus on maintaining your balance while you're walking + lunging, and think about pushing up through your front heel as you are stepping through into the next lunge [that's how you work your glute muscle]!

  2. [shoulder shaper] check yourself out right now. how's your back looking? are your shoulders close to your ears? are they rounding forward because they're just so eager to read what's on your desk? is your neck straining to read your computer screen? yes? yikes! do yourself + your posterior muscles a favor and press those shoulders down and away from your ears, pull those shoulder blades in toward each other and sit tall like you have the superman emblem on your chest and you wear that emblem with pride. see that? that right there is how you should be sitting all the time.

    maintaining this posture is hard though, we know. but think about how stretched out your muscles along your back are from reaching forward all day. the cure is very simple, we're going to tighten up your back muscles by contracting + strengthening them! here's how: grab 2 light items (1-3 pounds) and hold them over your head with your thumbs pointing toward each other, and create that perfect posture we just established (superman emblem!). for us at fitlosophy headquarters, our light items will be two fitfuser water bottlesfor you, these might be two staplers - whatever's handy! slowly bring your hands down to your side making a "W" shape with your arms slightly in front of you. press up, and repeat 12 times! tip: focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together when you are pulling the items down to shoulder-height.


need a little help bringing the wellness into your workplace? ask us about fit@work, our 12-week goal-driven corporate wellness program designed to incentivize your employees to live life fit.

what’s your favorite way to work you body while you work?
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