can this bulletproof morning ritual result in weight loss? [recipe]


hey, y’all! katy here, your friendly resident fit foodie. here at fitlosophy, we talk a lot about gratitude + its many health benefits. some might even say we shout about it from the rooftops - hence our adorable assortment of fitspiration gratitude journals. but i’m just gonna be honest: i’d gotten out of the habit lately. why? after a lifetime of being the “petite” one, of being a size 2, of never really having to worry about my weight, i suddenly + mysteriously found myself on the receiving end of more than 10 extra pounds. pounds gained over the course of no more than four or five months, regardless of the fact that i eat right + exercise daily.

at first, i figured that if i just amped up my workouts and cut the carbs a little, i’d kiss those unwelcome lbs buh-bye in no time flat. i’m golden, i thought. i spent a couple months eating super clean + sweating through two-a-days...only to gain weight, still no closer to bidding my new muffin-top adieu.

i cannot even begin to describe how discouraged i felt - basically the opposite of an attitude of gratitude. i had no idea how i could take my control back + regain my former figure. enter bulletproof.

i first stumbled upon bulletproof the same way most do - bulletproof coffee. only, unlike our fabulous chief fitlosopher, i’m not a coffee drinker, so i make mine a matcha. but i hadn’t realized that it’s so much more than just a morning beverage. the gist: no sugar, grains or legumes; quality, pastured, grass-fed or wild-caught protein; lots of healthy fats (including grass-fed butter, hallelujah!) + veggies. in a nutshell, it’s supposed to train your body to burn fat for fuel, rather than sugar. at this point, i was ready to try anything - even attempting to eliminate sugar (a tall order for this sweet tooth).

but one of my absolute favorite parts (did i mention the butter??): adding the gratitude back into the equation. as fate would have it, gratitude is a huge part of the bulletproof lifestyle, proudly espoused by bulletproof creator dave asprey. in fact, he even recommends jotting down at least 3 gratitudes each day - making my fitspiration journal, equipped with (could this be any more perfect??) 3 prompts per page specifically for daily gratitudes. boom. 

an excerpt from bulletproof's 7-day resilience challenge to build mental toughness for a happier life: 

"One study found a daily gratitude journal made participants 15% more optimistic and improved their sleep quality by 25%. It also made them 10% happier, which is the same boost to happiness you’d get from doubling your income. Doubling your income takes a lot of time and effort. Gratitude takes 5 minutes each night."

my new morning ritual: my bulletproof matcha latte with a side of gratitude journaling in my fitspiration journal. it’s now something i look forward to every. single. day.  

now, more than two weeks in, i’m down four pounds. no calorie-restriction, no more two-a-days. i have less bloat + more definition in my waist. some of my pants are still a little tight, but things are definitely lookin’ up!

wanna pick up a fitspiration journal for your very own bulletproof morning ritual? check ‘em out here. curious to learn more about bulletproof + see if it’s right for you? check out the bulletproof diet. because we are all about different strokes for different folks! no two bodies are the same, so what works for one may not for another. still, any program that includes a matcha latte as tasty as this plus a hefty dose of attitude-shifting gratitude might be worth it regardless. just sayin’.

[bulletproof matcha latte]

serves 1

8 oz hot filtered water (but not boiling)
4 oz coconut milk
1 tsp matcha
½ tsp vanilla bean
1 tbsp MCT oil
1 tbsp grass-fed butter
1 scoop grass-fed collagen protein
1 tsp birch xylitol (optional)

  1. combine everything in a blender (or our fitfuel mixer) + blend until frothy.
  2. sip while you journal your gratitude!
have you battled mysterious weight gain or other health issues + had success with a certain program or method? share in the comments below!

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