busy with back-to-school? 3 little ways to stay sane + organized.


back-to-school for kiddos means back to goal-gettin' for mama. but let’s face it, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. switching up your routine from the lazy days of summer to early-morning carpools requires some forethought to execute seamlessly. getting your ducks in a row is key - otherwise stress takes over. and that's never good for anyone. here are 3 little things you should be doing every day to stay sane + organized during back-to-school brouhaha.

1 [prep ahead]
no one wants to be rushing around first thing in the morning tossing random food into a lunchbox. having a plan is crucial. this means efficient grocery-shopping + mapped out meals. enter our new eat fit kitdesigned with this very routine in mind! use the weekly meal plan side to write out your family’s meals for the week, then flip it over + use the shopping list side to plan out your provisions before hitting the market. you’ll save time + money - both at the store + by avoiding last-minute takeout since you’ve got your meal-planning act together. also, set aside an hour or so on the weekends to meal prep ingredients - rinse produce, chop veggies, grill meats, etc. then put the lunches together the night before. your lunch-making routine will be speedy + streamlined, saving you some major stress on those busy weekday mornings.

2 [leave yourself reminders]
we know how it goes. from the second you drop the kids off at school to the minute they walk back in the door, there are a million little things to remember. bills to pay, errands to run, phone calls to make, school folders to go through. the stress of potentially forgetting even just one of your many to-dos can be enough to send even the coolest of cucumbers over the edge. pro tip from the paper people: make sure you always have sticky notes + pens on-hand in every room so they’re there anytime you need to jot down a reminder. stick ‘em on your kitchen counter, your bathroom mirror, your steering wheel - or even sneak one in your kiddo's lunch - to ensure you’ll never forget a to-do in the hub-bub of the new school year. and this is why we created inspiration little sticky note sets, with a wide variety of fitspirational messages that’ll have you stickin’ to your schedule (and goals) like a boss!

3 [stop + smell the sunflowers]
there’s an old saying that goes “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”. sure your kids are back in school, which means more time to yourself, but between extracurriculars + helping with homework + all the other stresses that come along with a new school year, odds are you’re probably not using it for self-love. big mistake. stress can really do a number on your mental + physical health, so making stress-relief a priority will up your life game exponentially. when you feed your own soul each day, you’re a much better mom/human for it. make sure you pencil in time in your busy day to sit down + count your blessings. not only are people who practice gratitude happier, they’re typically healthier + less stressed as well. make yourself a cup of tea, cozy up with your fitspiration journal, and jot what you're grateful for. take time to reflect on the day. think about the goals you want to accomplish. treat yourself to a home facial or a workout class you’ve been wanting to try. be kind to yourself. write yourself little notes of motivation + stick them on your mirror so you’ll see them every single day. recognizing + celebrating the positive things in your life, as well as being mindful of your daily choices + routine, shifts your entire mindset. 

what are your best back-to-school tips to stay organized + keep stress to a minimum? share in the comments!

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