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katy here! fitlosophy's resident foodie + sassy boy mom of three, here to share my secret to snapping out of any funk! i popped right up out of bed this morning with a smile on my face and a skip in my step, ready to jumpstart this glorious day with a quick 10-mile run! no biggie. just an average tuesday. totally kidding. running isn’t my jam (i prefer yoga), there isn’t a lot of skip in this step (after battling a cold all week), and instead of waking up with a smile, i awoke with the anxious scowl of a mom-of-three who has no clue how she’s going to get any work done while the kids are on summer break. already, my outlook on the day seemed bleak.

on days like this, what i need is a biiiiig ol’ dose of gratitude to counteract the attitude, so it’s pretty much a given that my fitspiration journal will be tagging along with me to keep my perspective (and my ‘tude) in check throughout the day. because you see, what fitbook is to the body, the fitspiration journal is to the soul. it’s not all about the food, or even the workouts (although there is a spot reserved just for both, so you can still keep track!). the fitspiration journal is about your mindset, your mental well-being, which is just as big a piece of the puzzle as any. it’s about utilizing the countless benefits of gratitude to be the best you that you can be. here’s how a day in the life of the fitspiration journal turned my frown upside-down.

[check on the veggie garden]
i go out and check on my raised beds every single afternoon, talk to the plants, give ‘em a little TLC, but this morning, i felt like witnessing the miracle that is nature first-thing would probably lift my spirits significantly. what else can put things in perspective and give you a sense of gratitude like the ability to grow your own free, nourishing food right in your own backyard?? gratitude #1: check! 

[most important meal of the day]

breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day - and it’s always my biggest. i always make sure to #eat5 by loading up my plate with alllllll the colors of the rainbow, so i typically consume tons of fresh fruits and veggies first-thing to get a headstart. i attribute the fact that i quickly knocked out this little cold bug i caught from my kids this week to this healthy habit. annnnnnnd i think i just discovered gratitude #2!

[pool party]

can we talk about how extreeeeeemely grateful i am right now that we have a pool in our backyard?? hours of outdoor fun for the kids, and a little much-needed downtime for mama. they can swim, expend a little of their tireless energy, and i can sit and watch while getting a little work done on the laptop, poolside. win-win. most definitely my gratitude #3!

[work it out]
in retrospect, it probably wasn’t my best idea ever to start a hardcore new exercise program on the first day back after my virus-induced exercise respite. i definitely wasn’t the most energetic version of myself. but one of my little exercise tricks is to try to stick with 30-minute workouts, especially when they’re more vigorous routines. when i know i’ll be done within a half-hour, it’s sooo much easier to motivate myself to do it. so i got my #move30 in, i gave it my all and i felt INCREDIBLE afterward!! you know that buzz you get after a realllly good sweat sesh?? yeah, i was totally buzzin’ earlier. today’s goal to live life fit: nailed it!

[in vino there is gratitude]
what better way to end a great day and reflect back on how i shifted my outlook than with my fitspiration journal + a little vino?? not only is red wine packed with heart-healthy antioxidants like resveratrol, it also helps me relax and ready myself for a little shut-eye.


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