5 things our chief fitlosopher does every single day


chief fitlosopher here! i am, admittedly, a creature of habit. like, planning + structure are my jam. unfortunately, a busy lifestyle doesn’t always make it easy to stick to a routine, but there are a few things i pretty much never skip, busy or not. they help me stay grounded, grateful + gloriously in command of my daily sanity. well...most of the time. here are 5 things i do every. single. day.

1 [track my to-dos]

i’m a paper girl, so first thing each morning, i write out 3 or 4 things i need to accomplish by the time my head hits the pillow that night. it makes me feel like i have a little more control over an otherwise hectic day. plus, there is no greater feeling than physically checking an item off my to-do list. it gives me a sense of accomplishment that no electronic list could ever rival. bonus: studies show that writing out goals by hand ups odds of achieving them by 76%. yep, pretty much my whole passion + purpose is because of this paper-backed stat.  

2 [jot in my journal]

mornings are for the three Bs: bible, bulletproof brew + bullet journaling, in that order. i like to curl up before work with my bible + bullet journal while sipping on my coffee + just kind of center myself for the day ahead. it always helps me get through my often-packed daily schedule with more clarity + calm. in the evenings, i use a fitspiration journal (i personally use our faith-infused version) to reflect on the day. gratitude is vital, people. it helps us sleep better, strengthens relationships + allows us to approach life in a more positive way - plus research shows that grateful people are healthier, so it's a no-brainer.  it’s truly transformative, i promise. in fact, i’m partaking in our #21days2change HAPPY challenge this month for a daily dose of happy. join me!     

3 [walk + talk]

my day-to-day schedule is often overrun with work calls + business meetings, so i like to schedule in (literal) face time with friends each week to keep my relationships strong + keep myself sane. and the way i see it, i may as well get some exercise in while i’m at it! that’s why at least twice a week, i have a standing walk + talk date with a girlfriend. the other days of the week, or if she’s not available, or i’m out of town, i listen to a podcast during my walks in lieu of gabbing with my girls. it keeps me active each day, even if i don’t get a full-on workout in, and if i didn’t multi-task during that time, i probably wouldn’t be able to fit those talks or those podcasts in very often, so it’s a win-win. p.s. here's my go-to list of podcasts in case you wanna play!

4 [night prep]
lots of people talk about meal prep. i do night prep. when you prep things the night before, you set yourself up for the next day, so you’re not so overwhelmed in the morning when you’re all groggy + trying to get out the door for work. i’ve been all about the overnight oats lately, so each night, i prep a batch + stick it in the fridge for a quick grab + go breakfast in the a.m. i also prep my french press so i can just turn on the tea kettle, brew for 4 minutes + grab it on my way out for my walk. yes, must-have coffee in-hand for early morning walks. these are things that would take me longer to do in the morning + therefore might otherwise fall by the wayside. in true type-a fashion, i always say that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. want a weeks' worth of breakfasts you can prep the night before? here ya go.

5 [turn off the tech]

from the hours of 8 pm to 8 am, i have designated a tech-free zone. that means no playing around on my phone, no iPad, no computer, no electronics whatsoever. i like to call it intermittent tech-ing. instead, i’ll use that time before bed and first thing in the morning to read, fill in my fitbook, write in my planner, etc. in addition to preventing me from ODing on screen time, my little daily digital detox helps me avoid electronics-induced insomnia. how? glad you asked. the blue light emitted by all those techy devices such as laptops + cell phones actually interrupts our circadian rhythm + impedes melatonin production, which all leads to less sleep. by cutting off the electronics a couple hours before bedtime, i avoid this entirely!

which of these daily to-dos resonates most with you? try sneaking one or two into your routine + see what happens. comment below to let us know how it goes!

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