5 things exceptionally organized peeps do every day


everyone has that friend who just really seems to have it all together. her house is never a mess, she’s always five minutes early, she never appears frazzled. that could totally be you.  we’ve narrowed down a few of the things the most exceptionally organized people we know all have in common for your imitating pleasure. are you taking notes? 

here are five things organizing pros do every. single. day.

1 [keep pen + paper handy] if you've been a fitlosophy-follower for some time now (or even a fitbooker!), you know our mantra: write it down. make it happen. with pen + paper by your side at all times, to-do lists + errands are seamlessly transferred from ideas that pop into your head, to practically being set in stone. people who write down their goals are 76% more likely to achieve them, and now your powerful pen + paper combo you can prioritize + plan your time accordingly. plus, everybody knows that paper is the new black!

2 [perform habits to start + end the day] a good, healthy habit can go a long way toward clearing the mind + creating a sense of calm and comfort that is essential for a truly organized existence. whether you kickstart your day by journaling your gratitude or end it with a nightly bubble bath, bookending your days with soothing habits that feed your soul can set the tone for everything in between. our go-to ritual to stay focused is journaling gratitude. studies show that daily gratitude-journaling boosts your energy, ups your self-worth + increases your productivity.

3 [tidy up] organized peeps know: just 10 minutes a day keeps the clutter at bay. set aside 10 minutes each day for tidying up. set a timer, blast some music (cleaning playlist, anyone?) + get to tidyin’! tip: stay on task by committing to clean for the duration of only 2 or 3 songs. by devoting this tiiiiny fraction of your daily routine to cleaning up, you can ensure that messes won’t pile up (like all those stacks of paper + mail on your desk!) + make for one, big, overwhelming super-mess later on.

4 [make time for munching] we know what you’re thinking: what does food have to do with organization?? a lot, actually, in that you need to make sure you’re eating regularly, as well as consuming the right kinds of food in order for your mind + body to function optimally. maintaining a healthy diet filled with nourishing whole foods like fruits + veggies + plenty of fish + lean proteins keeps your mind sharp + your body fueled for all that tidying up + errand-running! always on-the-go? our snackstak is a great option for midday refueling when you’re out + about. 

5 [plan out each day the night before] a large component of staying on top of your organizational game is just planning ahead. consult your to-do list, figure out what needs to get done and in what order. nothing is set in stone and you can always adjust accordingly, but this way, you’ll have a blueprint for the day, which means you’re waaaaay more likely to accomplish everything on your list. this is precisely why fitbook was designed to help you map out your goals days + weeks in advance. it removes excuses + reduces stress.

so what are you waiting for, goal getter?? hop to! get started on that to-do list, crank up those tunes + tidy, chow down on some healthy grub. you’ll be an organizing wiz in no time!

what's your go-to tip to keep your life in tip-top shape? do tell. comment below, you organized goal-getter you!




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