5 proven ways to stick to your goals


disclaimer: this isn’t a how-to for setting goals. you know how to plan + prep. you know paper rocks. you’re probably ultra-organized + more than likely, your habits are on point too. but even the most fab fitbookers need to have a few tactics in their goal-getting arsenal to up their game. here are 5 (proven) ways to stick to your goals:

[keep ‘em visible]
you set goals like a rockstar on sunday. you're ultra-motivated come monday. gettin’ a little tired by tuesday. and by wednesday, you’re like “what? what goals?”. sound familiar? it's not because we’re not fabulous – because we are. we’re goal getters. but, we are human. the saying “out of sight, out of mind” applies perfectly to this scenario because we tend to be focused on whatever is in front of us right at the moment. i mean, i may or may not leave my fitbook lite on top of the stove as a reminder to fill it out before i make my next meal.

#sticktoit tip: write your goal on a sticky note + leave it on your bathroom mirror so it’s the first thing you see every morning. create your meal plan for the week + post it on your fridge to stay on track. leave your gratitude journal on your pillow so you remember to spend time reflecting before you rest. keep your gym bag in front of the door so you literally trip on it as you leave. unroll your fitness mat obnoxiously in front of the tv so it’s a reminder to fit in your workout before you decide to chill with netflix. this tip will keep goals top of mind.

[create accountability]
go beyond just finding an accountability buddy (like we preach incessantly in fitbook lite) – create systems that will almost inherently ensure that you stick to your word. want to make it to the gym 3 days a week? get a friend on board to meet you there. want to stop hitting snooze for 6am spin? book classes ahead via classpass. (trust me, that $15 penalty gets my tush outta bed every time.) want to read more? join a book club. want to grow your business? join an organization for entrepreneurs. you get the point.

#sticktoit tip: identify 1 goal that you really want to work toward + go google groups that might be a perfect fit to help you get there. this doesn’t just have to apply to your fitness. in fact, it’s important to set goals that make you a more well-rounded person (no pun intended, promise).

[encourage others]
let’s be real. when you are rooting someone else on, it’s tough to not practice what you preach. in all seriousness, fitlosophy has been the ultimate accountability buddy for me (thank you very much), because it’s nearly impossible to encourage others if you’re not at least attempting to better yourself. call me crazy, but it just doesn’t feel right posting “eat more veggies” whilst stuffing my face with a donut. (although i admittedly struggle with drinking enough water and y’all know that.) point being: lifting others up has the tendency to also cause you to rise to the occasion in the process.

#sticktoit tip: choose 1 or 2 people who you know either have a big goal their working toward or is struggling through something right now. consider it your calling to encourage them. add a reminder to your phone to text them every few days, leave a sticky note where they’ll randomly find it, or send them an anonymous gift of encouragement.

[reap rewards]
show of hands: how many of you skip the “weekly reward” section in fitbook? me, me, me! (hand-raising emoji). sometimes i simply just  have no idea what reward to set. or worse, i actually crush my goals, get to the weekly wrap-up page + somehow space reaping my reward. for shame!!  truth is, research shows that setting smaller, more frequent (i.e. daily or weekly) short-term rewards for achieving goals is more effective at changing behavior than one big reward that is earned further in the future.

#sticktoit tip: create a list of affordable (or even free) rewards that motivate you + jot those down on a sticky so when you sit down to set goals in your fitbook, you’ve got a roster of rewards on the ready. need some ideas to get you started? we've got a nifty list of rewards under $21 to get you started.

[believe in yourself]
this isn’t me getting on my motivational high-horse – this works. recent studies have found that the very act of believing that you can accomplish a goal + envisioning the outcome results in a higher rate of achievement. did i know that when i created these stickies of self-belief? um, maybe. maybe not. but i don’t need science to prove that believing you can achieve something is an essential first step. but since i told you it’s research-backed, now you believe me right?  doesn't matter if you believe me anyway – all you have to do is believe in you.

#sticktoit tip: don’t just envision what success looks like – write it down. what does your life look like when you achieve that big goal? how do you feel? when will you know you accomplished it? the more you can create a believable vision of your future reality, it’s amazing how your brain will go into “do it” mode, literally starting to work behind the scenes to bring that vision to life. journal as much detail as possible + watch your goals start to take shape.

which of these resonates most with you? what goal are you working toward? share your tips to keep goals sticky in the comments below!

your goal-getting stickler,


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