4 ways adult coloring slashes your stress


coloring: it's not just for the kids anymore. who else has lovely memories of cracking open a fresh new box of crayolas as kid? or sharpening those new #2 pencils to a perfect point? well, the good news is that the very on-trend activity of adult coloring is not only insanely enjoyable, but it has a plethora of health benefits as well. we've noticed a common theme amongst today's overworked, under-rested humans: stress. too much stress + not a enough tools to manage it. the unlikely hero? you guess it: adult coloring books.

here are 4 ways adult coloring books slash your stress + improve your life.

1 [meditation 2.0]
there’s something about meditation that fascinates, yet intimidates many - so much so that they won’t even try it for fear they’re doing it wrong. good news for those with a case of the meditation hesitation: coloring focuses the brain much like meditation, relaxing + calming your mind. in fact, findings from one study suggested that “structured coloring of a reasonably complex geometric pattern may induce a meditative state that benefits individuals suffering from anxiety.” pro tip: coloring a blank piece of paper won’t be quite as effective as bringing life to an intricate pattern, so the busier, the better.

2 [buh-bye electronics]
the more time you spend on your hobbies, the less time you’ll inevitably spend staring at a phone or computer screen (ok, so you’re staring at a screen right now, but this totally doesn’t count.). and this is a fantastic substitution because, do you know what happens when you have too much screen time?? three words: grey matter shrinkage. like the same grey matter where your brain cells hang out. no bueno. you’ll also start having a lot more cravings + decreased cognitive performance in general. reduce your screen time + you’ll find that not only will you sidestep these brain busters, you’ll even start sleeping better. adult coloring books are a particularly effective screen-time-trimmer because they really do suck you in with their complex patterns, then before you know it, you’ve just been coloring away for three hours! who needs netflix when you’ve got an adult coloring book + a freshly sharpened set of colored pencils?!

3 [child’s play]
let’s face it, being a kid is pretty awesome. no worries, no responsibilities, no bills to pay, not a care in the world. so anything that makes you feel like a kid again? we’re SO down. and trust us, coloring definitely invoke that sense of childlike innocence + simplicity. it’s calming + comforting because it transports you back to a time when the biggest problem in your world was finishing your masterpiece in time for bed. everything else melts away - including the stresses of hardcore adulting.

4 [turn down the worry]
did you know that the simple act of coloring actually turns down your amygdala’s fight-or-flight response. you know, that part of the brain that’s responsible for all your worry + panic. yeah, that part takes a little siesta when you’re busy focusing on the simple task at hand - aka, being a coloring prodigy. this is why many therapists recommend it to patients suffering from anxiety or extreme stress.

so, leave it to us to launch a limited-edition #adultcoloring fitbookfeaturing a cover for you to channel your creative side, with the same 12-week goal-setting pages you know + love. the best part? it comes with a little set of 12 colored pencils - with a sharpener built-in. so hustle up + grab yours (only 200!) while they last, because not only do they help alleviate the big S, they’re just plain pretty too. 

of course, we couldn’t let our new #adultcoloring fitbook debut without a splash,
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