4 ways a digital detox can change your life


it’s no secret that we’re all about the pen + paper. some may find it old-fashioned, but we say, why fix what ain’t broken? and we don’t know about you, but we’re in desperate need of a social-media hiatus these days. aside from the negativity, it’s a complete time-suck. we glance at our phones to check the date, only to get distracted by that facebook notification front + center on the home screen, or scroll through pinterest to find a recipe, and before we know it, we’ve been once again pulled into the vortex, wasting an hour’s worth of time we’ll never get back. and for what??

research has shown that a digital detox can transform in a number of ways: in one study, after three days of technology detoxification, subjects’ eye contact improved, thus improving both their posture and their human connection, causing them to feel more empathy toward one another (we’d say the world could definitely use some of that right now, no?). conversations became more engaging, short-term memory improved, perspective was gained. even quality of sleep was upgraded!

but how can you afford a digital detox when so much of your life is wrapped up in your smart phone? meet the newest, multi-tasking member of our fit family: our handy-dandy, little fitdesk calendar-that-could, loaded with motivational quotes, tips, recipes and more - now available at walgreens!

here are 4 ways you can get your daily dose of info AND inspo - NO digital device required.

[get inspired]
no more scrolling through instagram for hours for fitspiration (or #fitspo). why waste precious time when our fitdesk calendar has hundreds of quotes ( and motivational tips, to boot) at-the-ready for each and every day of the year? you're guaranteed to find some new favorites. 

[check the date]
not only does our fitdesk calendar fit all 365 days of the year into one small package - each page is double-sided to conserve paper - and it’s actually reusable from year-to-year! so let's see: no staring into a phone screen, no distractions and a product we can actually use again and again?? sign us up! this pretty little perpetual paper pal will be handy for years to come.

[cook up something new]
when’s the last time you went on pinterest with the intention of finding quick recipe inspiration for dinner...only to find yourself still on pinterest an hour later, wasting your afternoon and getting yourself no closer to mealtime? with fitdesk at your fingertips, just flip through our jam-packed pages for fit foodie inspo. boom. done.

[try a new workout move]
checking out from your favorite fitness app for a day doesn’t mean you have to slack on your daily workout. our aptly-named fitdesk calendar offers up tons of simple exercises that you can do from the comfort of your cubicle. from workouts to wellness, it's packed with tips to keep you drenched in sweat ‘til your fit goals are met. 

bonus tidbit of info: one study found that people who receive daily health tips + motivation lost twice the weight compared to those who didn't receive daily info. researchers confirmed that periodic tips promoting fitness + nutrition can be a “significant contributor” to getting fit. [University of California, San Diego State University]

so what are you waiting for?? head on over to the corner of happy + healthy and pick up our brand new fitdesk calendar at your local walgreens today! can't find it in your store? get it online. power down those digital devices and take it back to the old-school for 24 hours. who knows? it may just become your new favorite healthy habit!

have you tried a #digitaldetox? share your tips in the comments below!

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