4 healthy tweaks to drop 5 pounds in 6 weeks


it’s a new year, and you’ve vowed to become a new you, perhaps even saddling yourself with a new year’s resolution that seems so completely daunting that you have no idea where to begin. (we don't do resolutions - we set goals.)

this is precisely why we developed fitbook lite. because everyone has to start somewhere, and not everyone has the time, budget or desire to go to extremes. good news, fit friend: all it takes to begin is a habit shift - no diet pills, no expensive supplements, no crazy gimmicks - because there ARE no quick fixes. instead, you follow just four small daily tweaks that add up to make a huge difference, creating habits that will inch you toward your health goals. so what are these tweaks + why do they work? glad you asked!


[move 30]

read this carefully - this is fascinating. studies have shown that people who exercise for 30 minutes a day actually lose more weight on average than those who log 60-minute sessions. yes, you read that right! not only is it easier to find the motivation for a shorter workout, therefore making you more likely to do it each day, but it also leaves you with more energy to continue being active throughout the day. so whether you fit in a killer high-intensity sweat sesh, or you just set aside time for a 30-minute walk, your goal is simple: move for 30 minutes each day. need an extra kick in the pants? enlist a workout buddy to keep you accountable - those who do shed more weight and are more likely to stick to their workout schedules. and you may want to rethink hitting that snooze button. research shows you're 75% more likely to actually get your workout in each day if you do it in the morning.

[sip 8]

drinking at least 64 oz of water daily aids weight loss by helping you feel full and boosting your metabolism. in fact, studies have shown that people who drank 16 oz of water before each meal lost 5 lbs more than those who didn't, so drink up, buttercup! need help hitting that magic number? pick out a snazzy new water bottle to keep with you at all times, making sure you sip 16 oz by each meal, and throughout your workout. don't love plain ol' water? infuse your agua with creative concoctions like lemon + mint, strawberry + basil, or lime + blueberries to jazz up your h2o. tip: gulp 2 cups first thing when you wake up to kickstart your metabolism for the day!

[eat 5]

eating 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables helps keep you full while supplying you with a healthy dose of fiber and vital nutrients without taking in too many calories. in fact, research shows that people who eat a side salad before a meal take in 12% fewer calories overall. even better: enjoy a veggie-packed soup pre-meal, and you'll reduce your overall calorie intake by 20%. just make sure to forgo heavy dressings and creamy soups in favor of vinaigrettes and broth-based fare. and don't forget the fruits! fruit eaters tend to weigh lessso enjoy (in moderation). bonus: people whose diets include plenty of fruits and veggies generally have reduced risk of chronic illnesses, including stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. getting in your 5 servings is actually much easier than you might think: a fruit/veggie smoothie for breakfast, a salad at lunch, an apple for the 3pm slump + side of veggies with dinner - done! 

[stop by 9]

cutting off food intake by 9pm provides your body with an adequate fasting period, shifting your body into fat-burning mode as you sleep. and who's not on-board with burning fat in your sleep?! nighttime noshers consume about 248 more calories than those who call it a night earlier, and mindless munching while watching TV packs in an additional 288 calories. our advice? close those cupboards, step away from the refrigerator and shut down all technology at least 30 minutes before bed. curl up with some hot tea + a good book. bonus: green tea actually tricks your brain into thinking you ate more, so you feel full + satisfied - score! when 9:00 rolls around, go ahead and brush your teeth to further discourage late-night snacking.


wanna take a peek inside fitbook lite? take it for a test drive for free at getfitbook.com/tryit. ready to commit and lose 5 pounds in 6 weeks just by following our 4 simple tweaks? head to Walgreens + pick up your very own fitbook lite today!

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