4 healthy snacks to pack on-the- go


there’s something about travel that brings on some major snack attacks. whether flying, driving or hiking, all that schlepping works up quite an appetite. i mean, who wants to be caught on a cross-country flight watching in-flight entertainment sans snacks?? not us. but we’ve been around the block a few times. we know from experience how icky it feels to come down from those airplane-cookie-induced sugar highs. so what’s a summer sightseer to do? pack your snack, that’s what! or even better - stack your snack with our ever-popular snackstak, now available in black. pre-portioned, leakproof, stackable containers make this little keep-ya-on-track cutie highly portable. a few of our favorite combos for every type of tripper:

[breakfast club]

hittin’ the road early? this little grab + go breakfast will keep you from falling prey to all those fast-food joints lining the highway. bonus: this high-protein, healthy fat combo will keep you full 'til lunchtime. just pack up your snackstak the night before, then grab it on your way out the door to nosh on during your morning commute! 

stack it: boiled egg + ⅓ an avocado + watermelon + breakfast sausage

[grown-up lunchables]

remember lunchables? we were never allowed to have them as kids, so that makes this fitlosophyzed lunchables-inspired combo taste that much more satisfying. the difference here: we fill ours with quality ingredients like uncured meats + healthy-fat-filled olives that both kids + their formerly lunchables-deprived parents will enjoy! this is a perfect on-the-go option if you're running errands or stuck at the office for some desk-side dining.

stack it: turkey + grain-free crackers + cheese + olives

[yogurt parfait to-go]

you know those sugar-loaded yogurt parfaits you grab out of desperation at the airport deli before you hop on your flight? yeah, this is way better than that. you can customize it with all your favorites - lower sugar granola if you’re cutting down on the sweet stuff, dairy-free yogurt if you’re sensitive to cow’s milk, all berries if you’re not a filler-melon fan. the sky’s the limit!  

stack it: grass-fed yogurt + probiotic granola + berries + 1-ingredient nut butter

[you hikey, you likey]

if you like adventure, this stack of snacks is definitely the way to go. plenty of protein + healthy fats keep you satiated, while dried fruit supplies you with the boost of energy you need to help you conquer any hiking trails or river rapids you take on. tip: stay hydrated - especially important while exploring in the summer heat!

stack it: nuts + dried fruit + turkey pepperoni + protein bites

got a snackstak of your very own? what’s your favorite way to snack with your stack? tote yours on your summer adventures, post a pic on social + tag us so we can see how you stay healthy on-the-go!

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