4 foolproof ways to get + stay motivated


this is it. the time when most people start slackin’ on their new year’s resolutions, or even give up altogether (which is exactly why we avoid said resolutions in the first place).

but not us. we're goal getters. we don't do resolutions - we set goals. as fab fitbookers, we know that writing down goals works - in fact research shows we're 76% more likely to reach those goals just by putting pen to paper. but in order to reach those goals, we also have to take action, work hard + be consistent - often easier said than done. which is why we felt it imperative to share our 4 foolproof tips to get (+ stay!) motivated to push you through that resolution plateau + keep you on track for some major goal-getting in 2016!

1. don't overwhelm yourself

when setting goals, you may think shooting for the stars is the way to go. in reality though, big pie-in-the-sky goals that seem daunting or unattainable actually discourage you from giving it your all, setting you up for backtracking or quitting entirely. instead, break your bigger goals down into smaller, more achievable increments. then, go through the process of creating corresponding action items + (here's the kicker!) realistic timeframes. for instance, if you want to lose 30 pounds, break that up into 5 pounds per month during a 6-month timeframe, then take small actions each day/week/month. so action items your first month might look like this: 1. pick up fitbook lite at your local Walgreens this weekend (which has 4 simple daily tweaks to lose 5lbs), 2. spend time on sunday planning your workouts for the week with a goal to move for 30 minutes per day at least 5 days, and 3. try one new healthy recipe each week this month. these smaller, time-specific goals add up to push you toward reaching your bigger goal.
make it happen:
enlist the help of our nifty goal-getter goal grid to organize + prioritize your goals for the entire year, then make good use of your fitbook lite to keep yourself on track in the trenches each day. need an example to kickstart your goals? check out our chief fitlosopher’s own personal 2016 goal grid.


2. enlist the help of others

when you enlist a friend to work out with you, you’re not only more likely to stick with it, you’re more apt to push yourself. in fact, in one 12-week weight-loss competition study, researchers found that team members achieved similar weight-loss outcomes, which suggests that they influenced each other’s performances. but wait, there’s more: those who reported that their teammates helped them lose weight actually lost more weight than those who didn’t feel their teammates contributed much, which also illustrates that weight-loss success tends to happen in groups.  

make it happen:
find a workout buddy - a friend wanting to drop a few lbs, a fellow gym-goer, a co-worker who will join you for a walk each day at lunch, or even a social-media acquaintance or group. when you have someone you know you’ll have to answer to, you’re more motivated to give it your all. and let’s face it, a jog around the block is a lot more fun when you’re gabbing with a friend. p.s. we love being your buddy too so tag @fitbook on instagram so we can hold you accountable to your goals!

3. dangle baby carrots

it’s a universal truth: there is no motivator quite as strong as a new pair of shoes. or a massage. but rewards don't have to break the bank!  smaller rewards have been shown to be just as effective, so try smaller rewards like new workout tunes for your playlist, a new magazine or book, or try adding $1 to a "goal jar" for every small goal you reach so over time it adds up!  whatever cranks your treadmill, use it as motivation for actually doing the hard work your goals require. by attaching those goals to rewards, you’ll be infinitely more psyched to drag yourself out of bed for that 6am spin class if you know there’s a brand new [insert-whatever-motivates-you-here] waiting at the finish line. 

make it happen: research shows that smaller, more frequent rewards are actually MORE effective than one big reward. so use your fitbook lite to earn small rewards on a weekly basis, then dangle that carrot allllllll the way to the end!    

4. adopt an attitude of gratitude

gratitude is definitely more well-known for its brain than its brawn. but there’s so much more to this multi-faceted practice than cerebral benefits. not only do grateful people have more energy + thus more motivation to work out, they are scientifically proven to exercise more. in one study, participants who kept a weekly gratitude journal exercised 40 minutes more per week than those who didn’t. say WHAT? yeah you heard us.  

make it happen: get a gratitude journal you love and spend time with it every single day. our snazzy goal getter fitspiration journal - available exclusively at Walgreens - prompts you to start each day by jotting down 3 things you're grateful for. need some tips to get started? check out our 12 journaling tips for the goal-getter.

you've got this, goal-getter!! write it down, then go make it happen. still need an extra little kick in the pants? follow us on facebook or instagram for daily fitspiration!

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