4 creative ways to organize your life


not unlike many modern-day women, i’m always juggling multiple tasks at any given moment throughout the day. folding laundry during conference calls, leaving myself voice reminders during workouts, putting away groceries while quizzing my 9-year-old on his spelling-test words. with so much happening at all times, it’s easy for my home to fall into disarray. but now, with the lazy days of  summer coming to a close, and the kids headed back to school, it’s time to restore order. and good news: the timing of my little tidying project could not be more perfect. why? it just so happens to coincide with the release of a dozen new pretty lil products that have me not only excited at the prospect of creating a beautiful pinterest-worthy living space, but champing at the bit to get started! here are 12 new products that are keeping me sane as i navigate work, workouts and back-to-school brouhaha.

superstars at streamlining my schedule…
these five products have been instrumental in helping me achieve relative zen when it comes to my schedule and to-dos.

[3-in-1 notebook]

this workhorse of a notebook has allllll the bells + whistles: motivational dividers, as well as three different types of pages for your doodling pleasure - dot-grid, lined + blank. there’s even a set of sticky tabs tucked neatly away inside the cover! i use this scarlet little beauty to organize my various lists, plans for work, thoughts and sketches of photographs i need to shoot, keeping them all separate and accessible with the dividers and sticky tabs.

[pocket journal trio]

i stash one of these pocket-sized journals in every bag i have. since they come in packs of three, there’s one in my purse, my laptop bag, my car. i even keep one by my nightstand for those inevitable times i wake up in the middle of the night with the best idea ever and must jot it down immediately. for someone like me, with a journalism background, or just a lover of to-do lists, these lil cuties are a MUST.

[daily flex planner]

i love how flexible - as the name so aptly implies - this daily planner is. when i’m traveling for work or vacay and don’t want to haul several different journals and notebooks along with me, this one is my go-to, as it allows me to keep my to-do lists, goal-setting, gratitudes + daily appointments all in one place. plus, there’s space to track my daily water intake and log my workouts, food + mood!

[magnetic bookmark set]

i am one of those people who just can’t get down with an e-reader. mama needs pages to turn. but with actual books comes the ever-present quandary - how to mark your page. which is why i’m a big bookmark fan. and these magnetic ones are probably my favorite ever. no more sliding around or falling to the ground like your standard-variety bookmark. whether you’re keeping tabs in your fitbook, saving a spot in your planner, or marking your page in that fun beach read, this little set of two bookmarks will get the job done.

[sticky tab booklet]

i use these adorable little sticky tabs to mark spots in books + cookbooks - much more efficient than my previous dog-ear system. i just jot down a little note on the tab, then stick it in its spot, saving a highlighted passage in a book or a roasted chicken recipe i’m dying to try. twelve different designs make it even easier to keep it all separated.

wowsers at keeping my workouts wonderful…
if i’m being completely honest, with a busy summer that had me traveling a lot and my kids at home all day long, my workouts definitely suffered in terms of consistency. these three products are the kick in the yoga pants i needed to get back into the swing of things!  

[sport bottle with hair ties]

i know i’m not the only gym-goer who constantly finds herself stuck without a hair tie pre-workout class. which is why i love + adore this water bottle, complete with five super cute hair ties. no matter where i am, as long as i have this bad boy with me, i know i’ve got my own little hydration station AND a way to pull my sweaty mop up off my neck.

[fitlosophy insulated tumbler]

i absolutely love this tumbler. i always hit up a smoothie bar at my gym for a post-workout protein shake. now, instead of wasting a tossable plastic cup + straw every single time, i just carry this BPA-free insulated tumbler with me + have my smoothie barista fill ‘er up. my hand isn’t frozen two sips in thanks to that insulation, and it’s way cuter + more environmentally friendly than those cups that end up in the landfill.

[keychain zip pouch]

this one may be small, but it packs a hefty punch. i just stick it on my gym bag and use it to stash my earbuds so i’m not digging around for them in my big bag. you can use it for keys, spare change, extra hair ties (if you don’t have my super cool water bottle), vitamins, anything your heart desires.

work-paper-wrangling workhorses...
when my workspace is chaotic, my mind feels chaotic, so these products are a godsend for helping me keep my desk clutter-free and thus, my creative juices flowing.

[fit filer folio]

the bane of my existence in my office: that out-of-control pile of recipes + workouts i tear from magazines + then never actually take the time to corral. enter this nifty fit filer. all i did was label each of its three sections with recipes, workouts + gift ideas, then slipped each page into its applicable section. the day i completed this task was definitely a good one!

[cute file folders]

i love this sassy set of nine file folders, because what could so easily turn into a sea of vanilla manila as i open my filing cabinet, is jazzed up with a powerful punch of color. bonus: check out the inside of each folder for a hidden motivational message.

marvelous at making me feel like a million bucks…
let’s face it: everyone has humdrum days - days where a little pick-me-up is necessary to turn that frown upside down. these two products are much cheaper than retail therapy, but even more effective.

[FITspirations: mini note cards]

sometimes, ya just need a little extra love, and these insanely adorable mini note cards definitely fit that bill. it’s a tiny gesture that makes a huge difference. i always toss one of these into my husband’s lunch, along with a quick, handwritten note on the back. not only does it make him feel good when he reads it, it makes me feel good knowing i’ve brightened up his day. win-win! i’ll definitely be stashing these in my kids’ lunch boxes as well!

[motivational mirror clings]

before i snagged these mirror clings, i relied solely upon handwritten notes on neon-colored post-its to boost my morning morale upon glancing in the mirror each day. now that i have these clings, my mirror need not be cluttered with a plethora of post-its, yet i still get my daily dose of mirror motivation!

which of these new products are you most dying to try? how do you plan on organizing your life as summer comes to a close? share in the comments!

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