3 things to do tonight for a stress-free holiday

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let’s face it: the holidays can be stressful. even though we're fully aware of the Reason for the season, the hustle + bustle of christmas parties + crowded malls + holiday travel can fatigue even the most hardcore holiday revelers. by the end of the day, you're so frazzled, your mind is going a mile a minute + you can't sleep a wink. need a nightly routine that will calm your mind + relax your body? here are 3 things to do tonight to de-stress this holiday season:


1. [journal with an attitude of gratitude]
the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal are many. in addition to reducing blood pressure, lowering your risk for depression + improving your relationships, it also induces comfort + relaxation, helping you sleep better + longer. and by journaling at night, you can go back + reflect on the day while it’s still fresh in your mind. need a health-focused journal to get you started? our fitspiration journal is available in the journal aisle at Target!

2. [get your yoga on]
most people assume exercise is a no-no just before bedtime. when it comes to yoga, however, convention is turned downward-dog. a low-impact exercise, yoga not only improves strength, flexibility + focus, it also tones you up while calming you down, reducing stress + setting you up for a good night’s sleep. in fact, studies have shown that evening yoga practice reduces fatigue, nighttime waking + the need for sleep aids, as well as greatly improves sleep quality. need a good yoga sequence to lull you to dreamland? try this one. don't dig the spiritual side of yoga? find a class that focuses more on stretching than the omm'ing. a few of our chief fitlosopher's faves: corepower yoga + holy yoga 




3. [soak it up, buttercup]
soaking in a nice, hot bath is well known for being a stress reliever. the warm water slowly increases your body temp, so when you get out of the tub + rapidly cool down, the release of melatonin is triggered, letting your body know it’s time for night-night. want a little extra relaxation? add some aromatherapy into the mix with essential oils such as lavender, chamomile + frankincense. or, on your next trip to tar-jay, pick up a bag of dr. teal's lavendar-infused epsom salts for <$5. (say hi to fitbook in the fitness aisle while you're there!)


so what are you waiting for, goal-getter? jot your thoughts, namaste your cares away, scrub-a-dub in that tub. this is one nightly routine that will carry you through to the new year on a high note.  

what's your go-to relaxation ritual? do share!

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