3 tactics to become a motivation master


it’s always the same old story: you’re all amped up to start a newfangled eating or exercise program, you crush it the first week, and then BOOM! the novelty wears off, you’re sore, you’re hungry + you’re sick of all the rules. (incidentally, this very pattern was the impetus for our extreme-diet antidote, the 6-week COMEBACK.) if this all sounds familiar, you are not alone, my friend. in fact, about half of all Americans aren’t getting in the recommended amount of exercise (about 150 minutes per week). why not? the reasons are endless. we busy, modern humans are pretty good at coming up with endless excuses to avoid the gym. wanna keep a strong grip on that motivation that moved you into action in the first place? try these three tactics.

[rules are for the birds]
for many who fall prey to the mid-program progress slump, it’s often because the rules are so strict, it’s easy to set yourself up for failure + non-adherence. instead of committing to extremes like twice-daily 2-hour workouts or a weeklong juice detox (typically a one-way ticket to bingetown), resolve to be realistic and ease yourself into your new lifestyle with baby steps. small changes like adding a morning walk to your daily routine, or doubling your daily water intake, can add up to big results. and most importantly, you won’t be able to talk yourself out of it as easily. this is exactly why we created the ultra-flexible 6-week COMEBACK - because life happens. you’re more likely to stay on-track when you have the freedom to roll with the punches.

[accountability is key]
if you’re attempting a diet or workout program as a party of one, who’s to know if you decide to pack it in after day three?? that’s why a key part of the 6-week COMEBACK program is exclusive access to the private facebook forum - to create a community of accountability + support that will help all of us stick with the program. because if your friend or spouse or facebook buddy is aware of the commitment you’ve made, you’re much less likely to give up. no one wants to admit surrender to their biggest cheerleader. plus, there's nothing like uplifting comments of support + encouragement when you admit to having a rough day - or the cheers of celebration when you make incredible progress! plus, research shows that by putting pen to paper AND telling a pal about your goal actually ups your achievement potential to 76%. 

[dangle a carrot]
it’s much easier (and more fun) to stick to a goal when there’s a big payoff at the end. (that's why we created our original fitbook with this very principle in mind.) set a goal that transcends the number on the scale, then attach a prize for reaching that goal. wanna build up enough strength to muster a few pull-ups? make a bet with a friend that you’ll follow through with your pull-up plans by a certain date. the cash reward (and bragging rights) at the end will help push you on those days when motivation is lacking. wanna build up enough endurance to breeze right through a 5K? choose a race in a place you’ve been wanting to visit, or plan a celebratory trip for after the event - perhaps somewhere hilly where you can put your hard-earned endurance to good use (well, hello coastal italy!). europe not in the budget? if you were to create a system to put aside an  $1 for every day you reached your 6-week COMEBACK goal of journaling daily, you'd have $60 at the end to spend! a sweet little reward for putting pen to paper. oftentimes, that extra little incentive is all you need to keep you from hitting the snooze button on those goals. 

so the next time you find your motivation is lacking, try these three things + watch yourself continue full-steam-ahead toward your goals. how do you stay motivated? share in the comments!

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