12 goals to up your life game in 12 weeks


we have 12 short weeks until summer, fitbookers. that means we’re just one fitbook (or two fitbook lites) away from wedding season, tank-top time, and of course, beach-bronzing. it means you shed your clothes...along with shedding that extra little bit of inevitable winter fluff.

but ya know what? we’re soooo not down with obsessive workout schedules or seasonal extreme diets just to squeeze into a bikini. we’re more into reaping the rewards of some major goal-getting. that’s why we created all of our fitbooks around the theory of goal-setting + reward-reaping.

so for the next 12 weeks, why not think outside the bikini-body box, and instead focus on some major health + soul goals that will have you ushering in summer like a boss? here are 12 goals to get you in gear for warmer weather!

1 [book a summer trip]
know that tuscan adventure you’ve been dreaming about for ages? turn dreaming into action + book it! then give yourself helpful little assignments each week as you count down to take-off, such as learning a new italian phrase each day, or teaching yourself how to make an authentic italian meal. 

reward: not only will you have something huge to look forward to all spring, the satisfaction of leaving your comfort zone and trying something new, coupled with lifelong memories will feed your soul for years to come. bonus: flights to europe are uber-affordable right now!

2 [practice gratitude]
studies have shown that people who write down their gratitudes each day have greater enthusiasm and determination than those who don’t. choose a quiet time of day, set aside a few minutes to reflect, then jot down everything you’re grateful for. our ledger of choice: (duh) our fitspiration journals.  

reward: in addition to an almost magical mindset shift, you’ll reap the many added benefits of adopting an attitude of gratitude, such as better sleep, boosted immunity + stronger relationships.

3 [up your h2o]
good rule of thumb: divide your body-weight in half + aim to drink that much agua in ounces, daily. (for example: 140 lbs = 70 oz water) it’ll keep your skin clear, boost your mood and keep your digestion moving right along...if you know what we’re sayin’. help increase your odds of achieving your goal intake by always carrying a water bottle with you + sipping on it throughout the day. we’re partial to our fitfuser water bottle to banish water boredom by infusing it with creative concoctions!

reward: in addition to the glowing skin, boosted mood and stellar digestion, you’ll have the perfect hangover cure for all those crazy summer beach parties.

4 [try a new workout]
it’s common to fall into a workout rut or hit a progress plateau. get excited about exercise again by switching up your routine! curious about that barre class your BFF keeps raving about? try it out this weekend. think you might like yoga, but feeling too intimidated to join a studio? download a yoga app, or follow a routine on youtube. log new experiences in your fitbook so you can look back on your progress!

reward: again, you’ve found your way out of your comfort zone, which is where the real magic happens. plus, you’ve revitalized your workout + possibly added a new favorite exercise to your arsenal. it may even help you push through that plateau!

5 [learn to meditate]
regular meditation relieves stress, helps you sleep, revs up your metabolism and makes you feel more connected to the people in your life, as well as to yourself. not sure where to begin? start by downloading a simple meditation app. we love the take a break app, which will guide you through a 7-minute or 13-minute meditation to soothing nature sounds of your choice. bonus: set up shop outside to meditate in the nice, warm sunshine.

reward: stress-relief on demand?? yes please!

6 [up your strength]
being strong isn’t just for dudes, and it’s not just about looks. yes, while increasing your muscle  mass will help you burn more fat, it will also protect you from unnecessary injury, assist you in carrying your preschooler up + down the stairs and help you defend yourself if you’re ever in a tough spot. whether your aim is to complete a pull-up, or hold a 2-minute plank, pick a strengthening move to challenge yourself + work your way up to achieving it - thereby upping your strength in the process.

reward: is there a greater reward than feeling strong + capable? i mean our chief fitlosopher's face while flipping monstrous tires says it all. 

7 [finish a book...or two]
commit to reading and/or finishing a few of those books that have been gathering dust on your nightstand. it’ll keep your brain sharp and give you something to do on that beach vacay. bonus: people who read tend to be more successful than those who don’t.

reward: avid readers are also talented writers + speakers, as well as much more up-to-date on the world around them, which means you’ll never lack ice-breakers to start up a convo with fellow vacationers. plus, you’ll finally clear off that nightstand!  

8 [get your green thumb on]
gardening might not be the first thing that springs to your mind when you think about relaxation, but surprisingly, it actually goes a long way toward soothing your soul. it connects you to nature, relieves stress and gets you outside, moving around in the fresh air. added bonus: plant some of your favorite veggies + herbs to spoil yourself with fresh produce all summer long.

reward: as if stress-relief + exercise aren’t already enough, there is nothing better than taking a trip out to the garden to pick a ripe, juicy tomato for your salad.

9 [try a healthy new recipe]
we know how it is - it’s so easy to get stuck eating the same old things every single week. flip through a health magazine, check out a new cookbook at the library, scroll through your favorite food instagrams. you’re bound to find a recipe or two that will inspire you to try something new. commit to at least one new dish per week + see what happens!

reward: banishing mealtime boredom + improving your daily diet!

10 [make a new friend]
meeting someone new is like a breath of fresh air for your daily life. it invigorates you, teaches you new things + gives you a fresh perspective. not sure where to start? try joining a meetup group to meet people who share your same interests. surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people who lift you up is crucial.  

reward: you just might find your new BFF!

11 [try a new sport]
we know you’ve eyed those paddleboarders or tennis foursomes before + wished that was you. make it happen! sign up for tennis lessons, hit the waves with a paddleboarding friend. at worst, you’ve at least tried something new + can stop wondering, and at best, it may become your new favorite exercise. 

reward: have fun while workin’ up a sweat. have littles at home? find a sport that the whole family can try together for quality (active) time.

12 [make a budget]
ok, so this one doesn’t sound as fun as the rest, but budgeting + saving doesn’t have to be a big, dull drag. it can be as simple as signing up for a keep-the-change program at your bank that will automatically redirect funds into your savings, or as fun as making it into a game. example: for every workout you complete toward your goal you earn $10 - that goes into your summer savings fun to spoil yourself!

reward: you’ll have more moolah for your summer trip! let us give you a headstart on this one: use promo code SUMMER for free shipping to stock up on goal-getting goods through 03/06/17!

what goals will you crush in time for summer? comment below + share ONE of these 12 that excites you. rumor has it our chief already knocked out #1 (she's euro-bound this summer) - so share what YOU will check off your life bucket list!

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