10 fitbookers who continue to inspire us


every month we regale you with tales of our fabulous fitbookers, but we so rarely get the opportunity to catch up after their big blog debuts. so what better excuse for one big, happy #fabfitbooker family reunion than fitbook’s 10th birthday?? from losing weight + gaining confidence to crushing goals + changing lives, we've been blessed to be a part of their journey over the past ten years. we caught up with 10 of our favorite fab fitbookers to find out what they’ve been up to since their fit features + what goals they're working toward now!

[nikki + veronica]
when we last caught up with best friends + Aspen Clinic co-workers nikki + veronica, they were fitbooking their way to increased muscle mass and greater confidence in the gym, respectively.

nikki: i have continued working out 6 days a week. also for Lent, i decided to do whole30! i completed my first round and ended up creating my own fitness account on instagram (@drippininfit.ness because i'm also bruno mars' biggest fan, hehe) to post about my experience. i have figured out my migraine trigger and have made major adjustments to my diet, like cutting out dairy and artificial sweeteners. i couldn't feel better! i'm now in the middle of my third round and have helped a few people complete their own round of whole30!

fitbook taught me to write down my goals, so since starting my instagram account, i've worked every day toward my newest goal: conquering pull-ups! i've almost perfected two, and my next goal is five! fitbook is my favorite tool to recommend to patients when starting our program.

veronica: nikki and i have continued our 4:30am workouts 6 days a week. i completed the first round of whole30 with nikki and was able to identify trigger foods that cause bloating, stomach pains, and anxiety. i slightly altered my diet ever since, eliminating artificial sweeteners and dairy. i've also switched from cooking with synthetic sprays to coconut and olive oil. i feel so much better and less bloated!

i've also started my own youtube vlog about fitness, nutrition, and recovery with mental disorders. my newest goal has been working on my application to nursing school! since january, i've completed my pre-requisites and passed the HESI. all i have to do now is apply and pray for the best!

when we last saw cristal, she was fresh off whole30 success and applying to law schools!

cristal: i am over the halfway mark now with law school - just 16 months, 22 days, and 7 hours to go. but who's counting? i'm super busy all of the time with a full-time job, classes at night and lots of studying and reading on the weekends. but i've learned that i can't be go go go all the time and have had to prune my life a little to focus on the things and people that truly matter. i'm making time for fun things like taking horse-riding lessons. we can't be all work, all the time right?

i am not ashamed to admit (well maybe a little) that vanity has often been a motivating factor to hit the gym, eat healthy, etc. but now with so much on my plate, high stress and so little margin, my focus has been more on staying healthy, rested, and giving myself grace. that means, eating for fuel and knowing when to hit the gym hard and when to rest. before, i used to punish my body and go to the gym no matter what. now i know that it's counterproductive when you don't listen to your body. i might look the same on the outside, but my reasons and motivations have changed.

one fitness area i have always struggled with is flexibility. i want to be a yogi so badly, but my body just won't cooperate and my mind certainly doesn't help. it's always been one of those "some day" goals, but now in taking riding lessons i've learned how much i tighten muscles when it’s not necessary, so that’s great motivation to really work on my flexibility, body awareness, and mind calming techniques. i LOVE riding and i want to get good at it. it is the one place where I have actually learned to let go of any other thoughts or concerns. so my new goal is to improve my flexibility and body awareness. i'm taking yoga classes, practicing at home before bed, and not skipping post-workout stretching.  gratitude journaling also helps with the whole mind-right thing. i have integrated my daily home yoga exercises into my weekly fitbook goals and more importantly... earning my reward. fitbooker for life, baby!

our last convo with trixia, she was still glowing from her Good Housekeeping feature and hoping to complete the mama of all marathons - a 50-mile ultra marathon.  

trixia: we have moved this past year, so mainly i've been working and catching up on my goals. my health has been fairly good. lifestyle has changed since our move, as we are no longer near a military base, which was an area with lots of activities. but i'm adjusting and making/updating goals along the way. It hasn't been easy, but i know it's all part of the journey!

i’m gearing up for fall race season. i’m looking at a few halfs and full marathons later this year. also, an ultra marathon early next year. although i love running, i'm looking to venture into more strength training and HIIT type workouts as well.

still loving fitbook and all of the tools! i love my food scale and use it for meal prep. i also love using the fitbook lite to get back on track when i fall off the wagon.

when you last saw our marketing + community coordinator, laura, she was bouncing back after baby. now, 8 months into motherhood, she’s got her routine down.

laura: i’m working and being a mom! the days are long sometimes, but it’s all worth it. i’m still loving my job, and i love seeing william grow and discover the world. he’s started crawling which has been quite a shake-up, but he loves doing new things and is such a happy baby.

i can tell i’m getting my strength back, which is awesome. i think i lost a lot of muscle in pregnancy and now starting a consistent workout routine has helped a ton. i started with some low-stress workouts with the 6-week COMEBACK, and that’s really helped me get back in a workout routine! since finishing the COMEBACK, i’ve focused more on lifting and it’s made such a difference

now i’m just upping my muscle mass and cutting fat! i’m back to using the OG fitbook to track my reps + sets, and it’s great to see my progress week to week. i also have been loving my planner to help me get things done, and the COMEBACK helped me get back in a journaling routine with my fitspiration journal!

last time we caught up with registered dietitian, meg, she was using fitbook - which she had used to shed 10 pounds of baby weight - as the centerpiece of a healthy weight-loss challenge for her co-workers as part of the company’s employee wellness initiatives.

meg: i set a new 5k PR, ran my first half marathon, and have built my nutrition practice. i am now a pace leader for my local running group, too!

i was diagnosed with a mild autoimmune condition and had to start a new medication – but all is good! eating well and staying active helps keep symptoms under control, for sure.

my next goal is to run my second half-marathon in under 2 hours. i continue to share fitbook with my patients and clients! it is a fantastic tool.

our last talk with our favorite canadian fitbooking all-star, wayne, was a great one, as he’d just gained himself a wife!

wayne: since we last caught up, my wife and i have celebrated our 1-year anniversary of marriage, and last year we also became co-owners of a basketball organization in toronto. we currently have 7 teams for kids ranging in ages from 8-13. my wife is the brains behind the organization, taking care of all of the administrative work, and i help out the head coaches with strength and conditioning exercises during practices. between our regular jobs and the basketball organization, it keeps us pretty busy. our own boy, who is now 13, plays on one of the teams. i’m still working the night shift in the shelter for homeless men.

for the past year, i had been training at a strength and conditioning facility, but after realizing that age is a factor in the intensity of those workouts, i have since gone back to a conventional gym, where i can work at my own pace and avoid serious injuries.

i continue to follow a strict regimen of eating and working out at least 3X a week, especially with my job being as stressful and challenging as it is. i still use my fitbook to track my meals, and i have the aid of an Apple watch to track my workouts, then transfer them to my book.

one thing i’m currently dealing with: for the past year, i have been under the watchful eye of a specialist for prostate cancer, as i started showing signs of having prostate cancer about a year ago, so now i require checkups every 3 months. also, just recently i found out that i will need a left-knee replacement due to osteoarthritis, so that makes it even more important to stay active physically, as it helps to keep the pain to a minimum. my main goal is just to stay on track consistently with eating and working out. also, i continue to maintain my sobriety and will celebrate 30 years sober in january! 

we have done a fair amount of traveling in the past year, and we are already planning trips for next year to california and mexico. i have always told angela that if i was ever in california at the same time as her, my wife and i would love to meet her and buy her lunch to thank her for all the help and support she has given us.

when we last spoke with leah, she was a bridesmaid-turned-fitbooker, down 52 pounds + counting. now it’s her turn to be the bride!

leah: my boyfriend and i bought a beautiful home together, and shortly afterward, we got engaged. we’ll be married this october, and i am beyond excited. we also brought a handsome little puppy into our family, and i can’t wait for him to be my running buddy!

there’s been some good and some bad. after buying our house, i had a few setbacks - the biggest one being my anxiety. i suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, so a big life change like buying a home was mentally taxing. i gained some weight back, but that led to me spending more time focusing on my mental health, and not just weight loss. in an effort to work through my anxiety and still make positive choices, i really started to get into running, which is something i never thought i would do. running has really helped ease my anxiety and gives me time to think through various problems and just be with myself.

thanks to my wonderful best friend and running partner, i just ran my first half-marathon in may! i have another half-marathon coming up in august too, and i can’t wait to see where else running takes me.

i want to lose the weight i put back on, and start lifting. when i originally lost weight, i didn’t really focus on lifting, as the pounds just kind of came off with cardio. but of course, as my body became more efficient, i hit a plateau and realized weights are necessary.

through the ups and downs, i always have a fitbook with me. it’s funny to look back at my last fitbook and see my runs going from 3 miles once a week to half-marathon training multiple times a week.

when we last caught up with daddy mader, our chief fitlosopher’s father, he was rocking whole30 - or as he called it, whole150 - and cookin’ up a storm.

rick: i’m enjoying planning for my imminent retirement in 2020! this year, i’ve been doing resistance training 2-3 days per week and cardio 2-3 days per week.

my current goal is to reach my target weight by december 31, 2018. i started training and working out in january, and i’m still at it. i’m also working toward waist-size reduction so i can wear a smaller jean size, but i'm pretty happy fitting in my 34s - a size i haven't seen in years. i’m, of course, still tracking everything in (my little girl's) fitbook: my weight-lifting, cardio and extra activities - weekend bicycle rides, hikes, swimming, etc. and yes, i do still make my own ghee!

our last catch-up with 9-year-old jack highlighted a huge improvement in his ‘tude after 30 days of fitbook junior journaling.

jack: since we last talked, i had a great school year. i made it into the gifted program, won a writing contest and the quiz bowl, and i got a student-of-the-year award. i like school, but it’s been nice to just relax all summer.

this summer, i’ve been to california and new york, which was really fun. also, i’m turning 10 in august, so i’m really excited about that. i’m going to have a pool party.

even though it’s summer, so i don’t have recess or p.e. all the time, i’ve been doing a lot of things to stay active, because fitbook junior taught me how important it is to get lots of exercise. i’ve done summer camps and swimming in my pool at home and the lake in new york. my favorite thing to do every night when my dad gets home is play basketball with him and my brothers. my goal is to win every game.

i’m about to start a new fitbook junior, because my mom says i need another attitude adjustment before school starts again, but that’s fine with me because i really like the rewards!

nothing makes us happier than seeing all these smiling faces again,
and knowing that we’ve had some small role in your successes or been a part of your daily lives for years. we love you, you fab fitbookers!

what success have you found by being a part of the fitlosophy fam? we'd love to hear your story. share in the comments below + we might just pick you to inspire others with your story! we're so grateful for y'all. 

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