support is sexy

tune in as angela shares her thoughts on building your brand + why it's vital to play big even if you start small. LISTEN NOW

money savage

find out the health benefits of gratitude + journaling, plus our chief fitlosopher's thoughts on the current obesity crisis, mental health + self-worth. [episode 43] LISTEN NOW

kaiser permanente

get fit podcast: listen in as our chief fitlosopher gabs all things gratitude + goals with the same leading healthcare organization whose research was a driving factor behind why fitbook works. write it down – make it happen! [episode 4] LISTEN NOW

biz ninja

join angela as she shares how fitlosophy has grown since last talked shop with biz ninja host + serial entrepreneur, tyler jorgenson. [episode 32] LISTEN NOW

success unfiltered

listen as our chief fitlosopher shares the biggest "NO" she's faced in business – and how it ended up being a blessing in disguise. LISTEN NOW

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mental toughness + entrepreneurship: an interview

[our chief talks with Pro Athlete Advantage about entrepreneurship, mental toughness, routines...and coffee.]


fitlosophy featured on LA's ABC7 talking about the health benefits of journaling

[lori corbin goes behind the scenes with our chief fitlosopher + fitbooker cristal on why journaling works]


#paperrocks: learn why!

[a chat with two entrepreneurs on what it takes to get your goals]


turning your passion into purpose

[our chief fitlosopher chats with with motivational entrepreneur Molly Richards on the story behind fitlosophy]


now available @ Walgreens

[find fitlosophy goal-getting goods @ the corner of happy + healthy]

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