why i'm ditching fitbook for 21 days

Written By angela mader - January 09 2017


Kathy Cruthirds
January 18 2017

Thank you for being so open and honest. I am brand new to fitbook but I love it. I love how easy it is to track everything. I wished I would have found sooner. I love spending with God also so that is very important to me and I like spending time with Him first thing in the morning. Again thank you for this program, it is wonderful.

January 12 2017

Thank you for your openness! I’m in a very fragile emotional state at the moment and I have been trying to get motivated to use the fitbook but it just seems a bit overwhelming. I too will follow your routine as you mentioned. God first thing in the morning (and throughout the day) is the best starting place I can think of. Happy 21 days to us all!!! ;-)

January 10 2017

This is just the non-intimidating chunk of time I needed to try and buckle down to start the year off with good habits. I will get my 10k steps OR intentionally move my body (even if it’s just low-key yoga or foam rolling) for 30 minutes each day. I will turn the tv off by 10 and my tablet off by 11pm. Bonus points if I manage at least a slight calorie deficit daily ;)

January 10 2017

Thank you so much for sharing your heart! I love it! I also need to do a better job of spending quality time with God and really getting into His Word daily! Is there any study/guidance/plan you are going to be using? I need one!

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