whole30 take 4: our chief’s post-trauma road to recovery

Written By angela mader - October 09 2017


January 15 2019

Wow, Angela, you are amazing and so inspiring! Keep up the good work, keep sharing your life – I learn so much and have all your products!! You are so loved and everyone is rooting for your pain-free days and a happy heart ❤️

Katharine Parker
January 15 2019

Me too. I’m on the road to getting it! I never yawned. I did cry. Your honesty and sincerity brought me comfort and clarity.

mary Manzanares
October 15 2017

Ang, you are so inspiring I love reading your blogs you are so positive and your book has help me with a lot! Since my divorce I gained 44 pounds and I have lost Just 7 so far but I just started and can’t wait to lose more to be happy and healthy again!!

October 15 2017

Angela, I am so happy you are able to find what works for you. And as a Personal Trainer & Empowerment Coach, I love your trainer/coach/guru’s words to you. Be kind to yourself. While you didn’t share the details, I went through a horrible life altering challenge in college that affected my physical and emotional well being at a time when I was coming off the first Marathon high. Literally, the week after. I also understand the Cortisol level shifts, as all 3 of my kids have faced life threatening medical challenges and even though training hard, my body felt off. So I had to listen, learn, really tune in and it is amazing. The routine you have implemented is similar to what worked for me, and how I coach my own clients. So happy you are feeling better! And thank you for creating Fitlosophy. I give them as gifts often and love them.
Happy new week ahead- Erin

October 15 2017

you might find a whole foods, PLANT based diet eliminates all of your inflammation issues, not just 50-70% :) and help you lose weight without ever worrying about what you eat

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