what is dot journaling?? glad you asked.

Written By angela mader - November 09 2017


January 10 2018

So, I already using a square grid journal when I discovered Rachel’s dot journaling book. It’s actually an A5 binder from Muji and I just refill the pages. I like using the binder but Muji doesn’t make dot grid pages! I can print them out online from somewhere else but the Muji binder has 20 rings, so I legit ordered a special hole puncher from Japan so that I could print dot grid pages and punch the holes to fit in my binder… it might be up there with the nuttiest thing I’ve done but… I’m excited. :) The Healthy Sips journals are definitely the ones for me!!

November 13 2017

Healthy sips. Exercise log, food log, water tracking

November 13 2017

Congrats Emily Gibson!! You are our winner!!! Please email hello@getfitbook.com to claim your dot journaling prizes.

November 13 2017

I wanna start the dot journaling with a spread on gratitude and life list. I am a firm believer that there’s power in writing one’s goals so gratitude and life list would be the first two spreads on my journal.Picking one is soooo hard, I love all three but if choose I must it’d have to be the power couple (write it down, make it happen) set. Thanks for the chance and the tips, awesome blog :)

November 13 2017

Power couple. I would bullet journal my eating habits. Mainly meal planning.

November 13 2017

I get so overwhelmed in detail that journaling becomes a chore for me.

I’d like to start bullet journaling by keeping a log of something that happened each day.
::Mom stopped by
::Bought new shoes
::Killed my run

Annnd I’d also like to track my daily habits. I hope to start 2018 so strong… But I’m getting a jump start on that today!

I really like Write it Down… make it Happen, but all your journals are empowering in their own right!

November 12 2017

I think the first spread I would create would be a cleaning tracker. I have basic things that get done regularly, but it’s the deep clean/monthly items I tend to forget. The power couple is my favorite set. Can always use the extra reminder to get things done and write down my ideas.

Theresa Winterhalter
November 12 2017

I love my fitnbook and definitely see adding the journals to my fit lifestyle. The “power couple” is the one for me and I love the concept of dot journaling.

Katrina Lynch
November 12 2017

My first spread would be my to dos. They are why I’m up at 4:22 am and not sleeping. Having an organized, pretty helper would do wonders for me! This system looks like it’d change my life! The brilliant duo is my favorite!

Jessica V
November 11 2017

I need to start journaling to find something to do with my time. Been in a funk lately and I think this would totally help me get back on track with my fitness. I’ve used FitBook in the past and loved it.

Sandra Jeske
November 11 2017

I love pretty writing with focus ! So my. Beginhg will be pounds down , fit in fittness and heathlier Health! I love love love the Brillant Duo and colored writing pens ! Life is all about bullet points and keeping focused on biblical direction

November 11 2017

I love the wine/coffee set. I’ve been intrigued by this type of journaling but have not tried it yet. I start with my home de-cluttering project.

November 11 2017

I love journal writing and keeping an old school planner. Combining the two and being more strategically organized in thought would be great! I like the write it down/make it happen combo!

Brianna Bourassa
November 11 2017

This is such a great blog! First I would love the dream week achieve journal and bullet habit trackers. Organization is such a big part of my life. I seriously need to start gratitude journaling too!

November 11 2017

Definitely loving the healthy sips!! I have been struggling with finding the perfect combination of planner and to do list and I am a Pinterest OCD junkie, wow I think I may have just found the key to organization bliss!!!

November 11 2017

I’d love these to start healthy habit tracking and listing goals and steps to get there. The power couple looks great

November 11 2017

I would start a recipes spread to track what I’ve made, need to make, and what I’d makd again. This will then help in meal planning. The Brilliant Duo is a set I’d bring everywhere!

November 11 2017

Write it down is my favorite! I would use it to track habits

November 11 2017

I would love to win… and start dot journalling… I’d start with the power couple (write it down, make it happen)! First thing to do this morning – get coffee. ?

November 11 2017

“Write it down” has become my new mantra and I’m ready to jump into the dot journaling world! Have had trouble finding the right notebook, but looks like the solution is right here! Workouts, daily mantras & habit tracking here I come.

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