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Written By katy allan - August 10 2016


Sandra Jeske
August 21 2016

Planning is the key! and vacation is a time to be carefree …so plan now how exciting to splurge and indulge on a lovely cut up fruit cup in a beautiful plastic or glass ! or Sparkling water with a lemon twist served to you is elegant ! Plan to walk and move more than usual. Jump in every pool that you can! Walk a bridge. You see so much more walking than riding !and the people the faces the language listen even if you are on a stay-cation Indulge in the culture . back to food find a table or bench with a view eat slowly after all it is vacation taste all the bites of the food the first and the last ! ….smell you r food … look at the presentation and yes i remember eating at the golden arches and everyone had a happy meal including my kids in Sweden where they had glass glasses to drink from and paper was minimal and we enjoyed the time …we had cucumber sandwiches for breakfast in Germany and it was about the time and not stuffing our faces with food…so enjoy all of the effort and the people that you fill your tummy with while on vacation…plan to make good choices and be proud of the choices you make …if life throws you a curve ball ( there was no good choice so have some and remember ….embrace it catch it ) and at the next stop ie meal or snack just get back on the train and do not get derailed for the whole vacation Remember you ave a ticket for success! Use it !

August 16 2016

hi all!! thank you all so much for entering and commenting with your amazing tips!! this giveaway is officially closed – the winner is @christinamariefit! congrats, christina!! y’all stay tuned for more amazing giveaways!

August 16 2016

I commute 45minutes to work everyday and find that at the end of the day on my drive home, I am tired and start feeling like snacking. I make sure I pack extra crunchy veggies to have on hand to munch on so when I get home I don’t forage before having dinner.

Kate McCarthy
August 15 2016

My #livelifefit tip to make sure I always have water with me, I take a gallon jug and fill 1/2 way with water and freeze. When I’m leaving the house I grab with frozen water jug, fill the rest of way up and as the ice continues to melt I always have cold water with me. I also carry a plastic baggie with cut up mixed fruit and veggies. Between the water and fruit and veggies, it helps keep my hunger at bay for a while.

Kris Reagan
August 15 2016

One of the best tools for weight management is to meal prep. This eliminates dangerous choices and the need to eat out, where many foods are prepared with additives, preservatives and extra calories. Meal prepping is fast, easy and you are guaranteed a delicious, healthy meal every time!

carrie renner
August 15 2016

I mix a little PB2 (peanut butter powder) with vanilla greek yogurt and use it as a fruit dip. Also pack buts for protein. Every time you stop on your road tip…take a quick jaunt around some jumping jacks.

Leslie Tillman
August 13 2016

make sure to stay somewhere with a mini fridge on vacation! buy your own groceries and make your own breakfast and lunch. saves you money too!

August 12 2016

A little preparation and forethought saves you from making terrible last minute decisions. #TravelFit

Rebecca Irvin
August 12 2016

My best #livelifefit tip is to keep water handy at all times. I purchased a Brita pitcher that I keep in our fridge at work and I refill my water 24oz bottle throughout the day. I save on buying individual water bottles and I get in plenty of water for the day!

Sineyda Ortiz
August 12 2016

To #livelifefit remember that everything in life is balance. Not to give up on your goals. Strive to carry healthy snacks with fruits and veggies wherever you travel. My favorite snack is protein bars on the go! #travelfit (@sineydaortiz)

August 12 2016

My best #livelifefit tips are when I bring my dog and water and fresh fruit and veggies for both of us to snack on while exercising.

Neva Stolte
August 12 2016

My favorite thing to do is set a timer to do planks or squats or some type of exercise to keep the body moving! And drink lots of water!

Arlene Samms
August 12 2016

I take my wonderwoman shaker cup, fitbook, & fitlosophy journal and I make my home routine a part of my vacation. I still take a relaxing day to plan my week ahead in my fitbook sitting at the pool or sipping a drink in a quiet corner somewhere. For the time I’m gone I may modify my workouts to body weight if there’s no gym and as a tourist there’s always walking involved! Park and walk wherever you can!

Christina Dezelan
August 12 2016

When I travel I make sure to pack healthy snacks and protein powder. That way I won’t be tempted to buy the unhealthy fast food at the airport. I also always bring my Fitbook so I can record my workouts and what I’m eating.

Jennifer Palmer
August 12 2016

My tip……stay active, but make sure to hydrate!!

August 12 2016

My tip is to go on youtube and subscribe to channels that post exercises that you can do wherever you’re staying.

August 12 2016

Prepping my meals to take on a road trip has been helpful for driving by the fast food restaurants and staying on track! ;)

Shawn Champiom
August 12 2016

One of my favorite things about #livelifefit is the fact it helps you when you don’t even realize it. It takes a couple times before getting used to it every day but as soon as you get there, it motivates you in ways you wouldn’t even think it would. Not only that, but it’s almost a support system as well. I love it!!

Ashley Nordberg
August 12 2016

We’re headed to Disney Land in 2 week yahoo! My big plan is to have everyone carry hydration packs so we won’t be tempted to get sugary (+expensive) drinks. Also going to hit up a store the night we arrive and grab healthy snacks we can pack into the park.

August 12 2016

Always have healthy snacks on hand and put them where you can see them.

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