the busy bee's guide to whole30 [recipes + giveaway]

Written By angela mader - September 04 2016


October 12 2016

thank you all so much for commenting + joining in on whole30! the winner of a $100 fitlosophy gift card is cristal rodriguez!! keep sharing all of your inspiring whole30 stories + posting about your #fitbookwhole30 victories! we’ll still be here cheering you all on! :)

Kelly M.
September 12 2016

My husband and I will be doing whole 30 to get potential autoimmune symptoms under control! We can’t wait :)

September 06 2016

thank you all so much for entering + for your whole30 commitments!! the winner of the fitbook lite + whole30 cookbook giveaway is kayla brown!! congrats, kayla!! we’ll send you an email with the details. :) everyone stay tuned for an entire month of whole30 fun. let’s do this together!! make sure you’re tagging us on instragram at @fitbook + hashtagging all your whole30 posts with #fitbookwhole30 so we can cheer you on! remember, there are still THREE $100 fitlosophy gift cards up for grabs at the end of the month!

Lisa H
September 06 2016

I’m doing whole30 because it’s such a beautiful, healthstyle change. I struggle with meal prep & accountability, so the book will be invaluable and I’ll feel more capable with my sisters along for the ride!

Fredia Chery
September 05 2016

I’ve been struggling of what to eat. And I really need some guidance of the food choices that I make everyday. Please let me know what is the best way to win this give away of the whole 30 book.

Nicole a.
September 05 2016

I am doing whole 30 because I want to clean up my diet after a summer of over indulgence. I love the way my body feels when I eat clean. I am recruiting my husband to join me!

Kayla Brown
September 05 2016

This will be my second round of the whole30. I’m doing it again because I remember how amazing and rewarding it was to look and feel the way I did. I have recruited my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to do it with me and keep each other accountable. I just received my fitbook lite in the mail yesterday and love it so far! Find me on IG at @smilekaylabrown

Jessica M
September 05 2016

I’ve tried several different diets & healthy lifestyle changes but I have yet to tryWhole 30. To be honest, it looks a bit intimidating. I’ve been considering it more recently since a friend of mine did it for a month & not only lost close to 20lbs but also only eats fresh foods, no preservatives and very little to no sugar which is a big thing for me! My sister has just started working out & she would be my partner in crime in the Whole 30 journey.

September 05 2016

I need to get off the. “Sugar” I have developed pre diabetes and want to get off meds. Did one about 2 yrs ago and then life happened(death spouse, will be 72 this month, moved back to Florida etc) I will try to get my daughter to do it.

Christina Dezelan
September 04 2016

I am going to do the Whole30 because I had friends do it earlier this year. I also want to eliminate certain foods because I think I have some sensitivities/intolerances. I’ve also enjoyed watching Angela’s snapchats and social media posts about her journey while doing Whole30. I am hoping to recruit my roommate and some colleagues at work.

stacey h
September 04 2016

august was a rough month for me to give into my sugar cravings – i’m doing the whole 30 as a ‘detox’. I’m enlisting my friend sheri (fingers crossed she will join)
my IG handle is @tooliecat

Barri Alexander
September 04 2016

I have been following Melissa and you on Instagram for quite some time. I borrowed the Whole 3O book from the library and would love to have my own copy. I have my own Fitbook and I love it!! Would love to have my daughter join my for this Whole 30 and win the books. Thank you!!

September 04 2016

I’m on day 7 of Whole 30, but will be continuing it through October (at least!). I am doing it with my brother TJ. I started Whole 30 in order to break sugar cravings, decrease migraines, and increase energy in my workouts! My IG name is erin_major

Lindsey Pratus
September 04 2016

I’m one who wants to live a heathlier lifestyle. After training for my first half marathon this year I gave up all soda. I’ve been wanting to push my habits even more. I workout and train but need a good makeover?! My husband has been my partner in my half Marathon and in running Ragnars. He will be my partner for this too!

Cristal Rodriguez
September 04 2016

For being such a controlling OCD type person…food is the one thing that actually controls me. The beginning of the book where she talks about the cycle you can go through giving in to the craving, feeling guilty, eating more because you feel guilty, etc. really spoke to me. So the main reason I want to try this is to re-establish my relationship with food. I’m working on convincing my sisters to do this plan with me! @CristalR24

Lynne Saltz
September 04 2016

I’m doing the whole 30, as I’ve been fascinated by their website and information since last April. I just decided to bite the bullet and do it. I really need food freedom, and need to lose some weight. I asked my friend Nancy and Karla to do it with me. I’m @clevelynne on instagram

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